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Higher Ground

Karen Berg
June 2, 2024
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This article was previously published in 2018.

When the majestic bald eagle takes flight from its mountain perch, its speed and focus seem to be something from another world. The eagle’s grace and beauty are only matched by its precision and power. Having eyes about six times more accurate than a human, they are able to dive to their target reaching speeds up to 100 miles per hour. They appear to be unworldly machines from the future, possessing supremacy and splendor from another dimension. The eagle teaches us the importance of focus, speed, and “lightness” in the air. They embody the wonderment of floating without restraint of gravity. They are considered to be one of the three holy beasts of nature. Our mission in life, too, comes into sharp focus this week. A high-speed change accelerates into the cosmos. This week, we begin to implement the changes needed to prepare for our next chapter of our spiritual journey. Like the eagle, the universe gifts us with sharp eyes to focus on the future and the agility and speed to accurately reach our spiritual target. We are eagles this week. As we soar to the divine destination that is our soul, we achieve the connection and union with the source of all things, the Creator Himself. 

"This first week of Gemini is a welcomed lighter time."

Our portion and guide this week is Bamidbar. Bamidbar is a description of the stage that is set ahead for us in our new book of Moses, called the book of Numbers. Bamidbar is the first chapter in this new book and generally means “wilderness.” Here, the Israelites are traveling in the desert wilderness forging on their spiritual path, towards their goal of reaching the “Promised Land,” a land where fulfillment, great joy, and happiness reigned supreme. The Promised Land is the manifestation to the connection and unification with the Creator. It is the finality of all pain, suffering, and even death itself. Bamidbar is a time when the journey begins to intensify, and the Israelites finally begin to see their goal in sight. In this chapter, the Israelites are counted and organized in camps surrounding the Tabernacle. We also learn the ascension of a special group of Israelites and their unique job with the Tabernacle. The Israelites undergo preparation for a spiritual battle. They are elevated, acquiring the needed energy and information to achieve their next level of spiritual transformation.

This week, it is our time, as well. The cosmos now encourages us to gather our information, lay our plans, and begin our ascension, taking that next step in our spiritual journey. This portion is a vital gift from the Creator always sent to us before the holiday of Shavuot, the holiday in which we receive the great tool of the Torah itself. Energetically, Shavuot is when we reach the pinnacle, accomplishing the highest level obtainable throughout the year. On Shavuot, we can access and unify with the Lightforce of the Creator, drawing the energy of immortality and the removal of chaos from the world. This week, our eyes sharpen as we take flight to reach the greatest of spiritual targets, the Creator Himself.

After releasing the heaviness of the previous month, this first week of Gemini is a welcomed lighter time. The universe is assisting us with a needed boost of energy to help continue our spiritual work and the achievement of our goals. We fly high as we draw down tremendous Light that hoists us up to a new level in our individual journey. We may be looking for our true love. We may be seeking to find more purpose in our career. We may be longing for more peace. Whatever our individual karma and life purpose may be, our Universal goal that we all share is the union with the Creator. The basis of our spiritual work has always been to join forces with this energy, removing apathy from our hearts and any space between us and our fellow man. We desire to touch down in our Promised Land of fulfillment, blessings, and authentic joy. This week we can finally see the goal in the distance. We feel the wind at our backs providing us with the needed energy to reach our destination.

"Borrow the gifts of the eagle."

In your meditation this week, borrow the gifts of the eagle. Take on her beauty, speed, lightness, and focus. You are light and quick. You coast through the air, able to see for miles ahead. Details of the world and your future are seen clearly. You have focus like you have never felt before and power like you have never known. This week, finally stretch your wings across the sky and take a great stride in your spiritual journey. Go the distance this week and connect to the divinity inside. Feel your capacity for love expand and the ability to love thy neighbor as thyself enter your heart. It is when we are open to removing the space between one another that  we  are able to remove the space between us and the Creator.

The time has come to take flight from our current level and reach brand-new heights that were never reached before. This week, may we all take our hearts to a higher ground.  

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