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Guiding Light

Karen Berg
June 5, 2022
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This article on the portion of the week was originally published in 2019.

Even though, at times, we may think we are alone, we are not. We are never alone in this world. I remember learning this as a child when I was thrown into a pit by some children. I couldn’t escape and I truly thought I would die there. In that moment, I heard a voice tell me I would be fine and that the things that I have experienced and will experience are all to teach me about how to be there for others. From that moment on I searched to understand all I could about the metaphysical aspect of life. I knew that there were angels around us, and that there was a force always watching over us. In the dark times of our lives, it is easy to forget this. I know that life can be difficult, but I promise, behind the dark clouds, the sun is still shining. That is our promise from the Creator. We have not been sent to this world without purpose or without tools to aid us. This week, we are sent the greatest tool of all, the Torah. On Saturday night, the holiday of Shavuot occurs. It is the only day of the year that could spiritually receive the immense Light of the Torah. On this day on Mt. Sinai, the Torah was presented to the people of the world to guide us, help us, and purify us. We were sent to this world with the love of the Creator. Even though we may not always see the presence of the Light in our lives, it is steadfast and always there. This week, we are reminded of this powerful energy and the voice within that can lead us through the dark nights of our lives.

"We were sent to this world with the love of the Creator"

Our spiritual guide for the week is the portion of Beha’alotcha. In Beha’alotcha, the Israelites take their first journey through the desert, after being encamped at Mt. Sinai. The time had come for the Israelites to continue on their journey. The Tabernacle had been completed. Every Israelite, from Aaron to the priests to the Levites and the tribes, were appointed their duties and service to their journey. The time had come to make their way towards the Promised Land. The portion of Beha’alotcha tells us: 

And on the day that the Tabernacle was reared up, the cloud covered the Tabernacle, even the Tent of the Testimony; and in the evening there was the appearance of fire on the Tabernacle, until morning. So it was always: the cloud covered it, and the appearance of fire by night. And whenever the cloud was taken up from over the Tent, then after that the children of Israel journeyed; and in the place where the cloud settled, there the children of Israel encamped.

What we learn here is that a spiritual compass was afforded to the Israelites via the appearance of a cloud and fire. Now, today, we may not always see physical signs, although sometimes we do, the Creator speaks to us from our intuition and our voice within. Just as the Israelites traveled with the Tabernacle by the word and hand of the Creator, we, too, travel through our lives with the guidance of the Light and our angels. We may not always hear the messages at times, but they are always there. We need only to be quiet enough to hear them. “And it came to pass, when the Ark set forward, that Moses said: “Rise up, Lord, and let Your enemies be scattered; and let them that hate You flee before You.” The Creator is telling us that throughout their journey, the Israelites, will be protected and guided, as we shall during our journey. This is what I was told as a little girl in that pit. The Creator is with us and whispering to us our next step. The portion of Beha’alotcha comes to us through divine timing, as the holiday of Shavuot occurs at the beginning of the week. The day of Shavuot, the sixth day of Gemini, is able to handle the massive energy of the Torah, and because of this uniqueness to this day, we could receive it. Humankind receives the Torah this week, our guide and spiritual compass, and Beha’alotcha comes to remind us of this great gift. The Tabernacle contained the Torah and it was the Israelite’s guide in the desert, just as it is for us today, in our “desert.” 

"The Light is eternal and we are never alone or abandoned."

Life can seem scary and dark. You can feel like the walls are closing in. But it is in these moments, I encourage you to reach for spirituality and reach for connection. Talk to the Creator, or to your Higher Power. Reach out for help. The Light is eternal and we are never alone or abandoned. The guidance the Israelites had in the desert may not exist today in the same way, but it nevertheless still exists within each and every one of us. Our guidance comes, today, in the form of our conscience and intuition. This small voice within is what gives you the feeling when something is or is not right. The voice I heard when I was alone in the pit, maybe no one could have heard but me. It was, perhaps, coming from inside of me, and not from the outside. The Creator did not leave us then, today, nor will He abandon us tomorrow. This week, Shavuot and Beha’alotcha arrive to us to remind us of the great tool of the Torah, our guidance and compass within, and most importantly, to remind us of the endless love of the Creator. The Light of the Creator is speaking and guiding us, always.

This week in your meditation, take yourself to the dark evening. Go outside, after the sun has set and the moon and stars rise. Take a moment and be in the quiet of night. It is only when we are quiet can we hear our messages. It is only when we are willing to listen can we truly hear them. What do you hear? Close your eyes and stand in the darkness of the evening. Remind yourself you are not alone. Remind yourself that the Creator is watching you, guiding you, and whispering your next step. Now take a deep breath. Allow the messages to come and honor the voice within. The more you honor it, the louder it will speak to you. Life can be likened to a long dark night, but the Light does forever shine. Behind the clouds or even on the other side of the globe, the sun shines and the light of day is there. Take this Light within and allow it to see you through your night. This guiding Light of the Creator will lead you, protect you, and see you through until the morning comes, again. 

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