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Endless Love

Karen Berg
June 30, 2024
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This article was previously published in 2018.

Isn’t it a great feeling when you walk outside and take a breath of fresh air? Filling your lungs with oxygen, you feel clearer and energized. Air carries upon itself the energy of the Divine, and it allows for the entire world and all of its inhabitants to take without prejudice. Many traditions have given it many names. It is sometimes called prana or chi, but it is the breath of life. It is everywhere and ever abundant. This lifeforce, knowing no discrimination, travels to every person, every animal, and every tree equally. It is without price and without limit. This invisible energy of life represents the abundance of the Creator’s love for us, and yet, there are somehow still moments in which we feel lack. We do not recognize the abundance that is ours, and so we may feel depleted and without, or that someone else has something more. Such thoughts, however, are illusionary. When dark clouds cover the sun, is the sun not still shining, sustaining all living things? Feelings of lack are just dark clouds covering the truth of the endless abundance that exists for each of us in this universe. Like the inexhaustible amount of air that spreads across the globe, the universe is abundant in the Light of the Divine. This week, we are faced with our illusions. The cosmos assists us in seeing past these dark clouds to the shining Light that awaits us. If we can just pause for a moment and take a deep breath, we surely will find that the universe is never lacking, but on the contrary is overflowing with energy, ideas, prosperity, and most importantly, an endless love.  

"The universe is abundant in the Light of the Divine."

This week, our guide and antidote is the portion of Korach. Korach was the name of one of the Israelites. Even after the love and miracles Korach had witnessed, Korach began to feel lack and doubt in his life. He felt that Moses and Aaron, the leaders appointed by the Creator, were not worthy to lead. He wanted to be in control. He felt fear and did not trust his process, or the process of the Israelites anymore. Korach, along with other Israelites, started a revolt, a rebellion against Moses and Aaron, and indirectly, the Creator, Himself. They did not feel or trust the Creator’s love or plan. They wanted to step into the process and involve themselves instead of trusting and allowing the Creator, Moses, and Aaron to lead them. The revolt led to the Creator consuming Korach and his followers into the earth and they all perished. Even though Moses and Aaron were messengers of the Creator, Korach and his people, consumed by fear and a feeling of poverty, only saw negativity in them. The next day, the Israelites, as a whole now, accused Moses and Aaron of killing Korach and his followers. Even though Moses and Aaron’s integrity had already been established in the past, the Creator gave the people another sign to reassure the Israelites that Moses and Aaron were indeed their true leaders and could be trusted. The love and plan of the Creator was always there and shown many times to the Israelites, but they still were at times filled with fear and doubt. Like the air around them, invisible and all encompassing, so, too, was the Creator’s love, but they could not connect to it. They fell into the dark clouds of lack and fear.

As in every portion of the Bible, we read about people who lived thousands of years ago, but we are actually reading about ourselves today. This is the magic of the Torah. It is our guide and tonic given to us just at the precise moment throughout the year to combat the celestial forces at hand. Many times in our life, we, too, doubt our process. We see others in positions we want or possessing things we desire. We wonder if the Creator has forgotten us, or even if the Creator still loves us. Like the Israelites in the desert, we grow scared and we can forget in a second the Creator’s love and plan. Instead of “letting go and letting God,” we can find ourselves in a panic wanting to involve ourselves, manipulate, and control. This is our lesson this week and the lesson of Korach. In moments and periods of fear and doubt, it behooves us to pause and take a deep breath, remembering the Creator does love us, wants the best for us, and has a plan. At times where we want to give up and throw in the towel, we can reestablish the connection to the Divinity within, and once again feel the abundance and love the Universe has in store for us.

"Remind yourself there is no poverty in the Cosmos."

This week in your meditation, step outside into the fresh air – perhaps it is on a beach, or in a beautiful meadow – and inhale. Breathe deeply. As you do, allow fears, worries, and lack to melt away. Remind yourself there is no poverty in the Cosmos. The love of the Creator is like the air, omnipresent, forever providing, and forever sustaining. Let the prana, chi, and breath of life fill your lungs and satisfy your spirit. The air is endless and so is love. Stress, anxiety, and doubts vanish and you are calm. Give yourself permission to feel peace in your heart, knowing the endless love that fills your being and world.

Indeed, like air the Creator is everywhere, and is a part of everything. Sometimes all we need to renew our connection is to take a deep breath and remind ourselves the Creator is indeed with us, always. 

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