Creating Our Reservoir of Blessings

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Creating Our Reservoir of Blessings

Michael Berg
May 29, 2022
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We are entering into the month of Sivan, the sign of which is Gemini, or Teumim, the twins, two equal beings.  And through understanding what this sign means, we can learn what gifts are available to us this month. 

"It is in our hands to create our reservoir of blessings."

In the Zohar, in Bechukotai, section 18, it says something that is really the basis for not only the gift of this month, but of true spiritual work and understanding. It says, “A person who does the spiritual work and spiritual actions, and goes in the spiritual path, it is as if he is creating God.” Most of us think that can’t be correct, because God, or whatever that energy of the Light is, already exists, and our work is to connect to it and receive from it.  However, the Zohar here is telling us that is not correct; rather, the individual who is transforming, sharing, and doing everything we know that falls within the realm of the spiritual work, creates God. Even further, the Zohar continues, “The Creator says, ‘If you do the spiritual work, it is as if you are creating Me, you are making Me.’" What does that mean? 

So, most people believe there is that Light which already exists, and we have the choice to either connect to it, or not. But, the Zohar is teaching us a very important understanding here: whatever Light and blessings we receive, or Desire to Receive from the spiritual realm, has to be created by us. Through our work, our spiritual connection, and our actions of sharing, it is as if we are creating the supernal force that is called God. 

We often think, OK, I will act selfishly, but when something happens and I need help, I can do an action of connection or sharing so I can then get the Light and blessings I need. But it does not work like that, because in that situation, we have not invested in creating our God, or energy source. As such, there is no reservoir from which we can receive the Light. Yet, if we are, through our spiritual work, creating the supernal Light and energy, what is called the wellspring of Light, then a week from now or a month from now when we need it, we can draw it to us. But if we are not actively creating that reservoir, that source of blessings called the Light of the Creator, then it makes no difference if we wake up a week or year later and suddenly want to transform and not be selfish, and then need the blessings.  

"This teaching is the secret of the sign of Gemini."

This teaching is the secret of the sign of Gemini. The symbol for Gemini, as we said, is the twins, two equal forces, one mirroring the other, representing the fact that there is no one existence without the other; meaning, there is no source of Light and blessings unless we have created it. Why do we need to stop ourselves from being selfish? Because we do not want to damage our source of Light and blessings. Why do we want to act in ways of sharing, more and more? Because we know that every one of those actions creates our reservoir, a reservoir that does not exist unless we create it. It is equal, like the twins, and is created one by the other; that is the secret of the sign of the twins, and therefore, the month of Gemini.  

We need to understand that there is not this source of Light and blessings that exists all on its own, and then we, at times, can choose to connect or disconnect. No. We have to create it. If we choose today to act selfishly, if we choose today to act with ego, or without kindness, and we do not have that twin above, that source of Light, that reservoir from which we want and need to draw Light and blessings, then we cannot draw down those blessings. Therefore, one of the gifts of consciousness we want to be awakened to as we enter into the month of Gemini, and maintain throughout it, is the clarity of the twins: It is in our hands to create our reservoir of blessings. We give it energy and sustenance, and we support it, so those blessings will eventually come back down and manifest in our lives. It is a tremendous gift of the month of Sivan, the month of Gemini. 

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