Can Money Bring Happiness? 3 Lessons for a Healthier Relationship with Money

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Can Money Bring Happiness? 3 Lessons for a Healthier Relationship with Money

Adapted from Monica and Michael Berg’s Spiritually Hungry podcast. Listen and subscribe here.
November 29, 2021
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Money, as it exists today, is purely symbolic. It is made up of paper and coins that the government has decided have value. It can symbolize power, greed, envy, happiness, security, or social status. Wars are fought, and crimes are committed because of money. And it is one of the areas of our lives most prone to stress, fear, and anxiety. But money can also be a source of great joy and fulfillment in our lives.

Finding fulfillment from money is less about how much we have and more about how to enjoy what we have. We sometimes receive the message that if we are spiritual people, then we can’t be wealthy. But in truth, there is a spiritual energy in money. Our soul’s journey in this world is to find a balanced way to enjoy the Light and blessings in all things physical and spiritual. Not only does a spiritual life not preclude desiring and growing in physical blessings (money or otherwise), but it is a necessary part of our spiritual life.

Desiring money with the proper consciousness and proper thought is actually an important part of our development. The very essence of the word kabbalah is to receive – at the core, it is about how to receive more in the right way and for what purpose.

Here are 3 areas of consciousness that will allow you to manifest the blessings you are meant to have:

1. Money is energy, and like all energy, it is a gift on loan from the Creator. The teachings of Kabbalah explain that wisdom and wealth have the same spiritual source. Money is energy, just like everything else, and it doesn’t really belong to us. It is a gift given to us to bring joy and fulfillment, but we do not own it. Once we take ownership of our money, whether consciously or unconsciously, we cut off its energy from the source of the Creator. We may think, “I worked hard for this money, and it’s mine to do with what I please.” But when we do so, we lose sight of the Creator’s role in our blessings. This affects both how much we enjoy the money we have and how much more we are able to receive.

Another mistake that a lot of people make with money is thinking it is limited. We often believe there is only so much we are able to gain, earn, or achieve. The Light of the Creator is endless, and we are created to receive endless blessings. The purpose of our spiritual work is to learn to access those endless blessings. If a person thinks there is something wrong with making money, then they close themselves off to the potential blessings that are meant to come to them. If you believe you are limited in the amount you can receive, then that will always be the case.

The way to open up to the limitless blessings in all aspects of your life is to understand that the energy is coming from the Light of the Creator and that energy is limitless.

2. Money is a gift that is meant to be shared. Once we understand that money is a gift from the Creator, we must ask ourselves, “Why did the Creator give this to me?” Yes, we are meant to enjoy our money, but we are also meant to share it. The only way that we can maintain the joy and blessings of our money is through sharing it with others. One of the greatest ways we put limits on how much money and how much pleasure we receive from it is by not injecting it with actions of sharing.

If we have $10, our line of thinking is usually, “These $10 are mine; what should I do with them?” But instead, we should shift our thinking to, “These $10 are a gift from the Creator, but if I give $1 away, then I get to use the other $9.” For your money to be blessed, the consciousness of sharing has to be with it all the time.

Whether through tithing or charity, the most important aspect of our giving is the consciousness around it. We know giving our money to those in need is a good thing to do, but we don’t need to share to prove that we are kind people, but because we know it will maintain the blessing of joy within the money.

Whenever you receive money, think about how you can share that gift. By maintaining a constant consciousness of sharing, your money will continue to grow and be fulfilling.

3. Appreciate the money you have, no matter how much or how little. It is impossible for money, no matter how much, to be fulfilling unless we constantly appreciate it. If you can find enjoyment in $1, then when you have $2, your enjoyment will double.

Our upbringing shapes a lot of our ideas about money. Some people come from wealthy families and feel shame about it. They may feel undeserving, privileged, or guilty about having more than others. Other people feel shame because their families don’t have much money. The fulfillment we find in our money is not about how much we have but how we view it. A person with less money can be much more fulfilled than someone with more. There are some people who don’t have much, but their hands and hearts are always open to share, and so they live a very rich life. Others have significantly more, but their hearts and hands are closed, so they cannot enjoy what they have.

The most important question is not if we have more today than yesterday, but rather, are we enjoying it more? How much do you enjoy and appreciate the gift of your money every day?

The way we should approach money is really the way we should approach every aspect of our lives. We are meant to enjoy the blessings of the physical world with the right consciousness and desire to share. You are meant to find fulfillment in your physical existence and access these blessings endlessly. Through study and learning and applying those tools, you can open the gateway so that your physical life can be as pleasurable as your spiritual life.

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