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Awaken Desire

Kabbalah Centre
September 26, 2011
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The amoount of blessings we receive on Rosh Hashanah is directly related to the desire we awaken. In the month of Virgo we are planting seeds and on Rosh Hashanah the fruits that grow out of those seeds are determined.

In the physical world, before we can build a house, we must envision the house in our mind. Then we can draw up the plans and then start building. In much the same way, the month of Virgo, which precedes the creation of this world in the month of Libra, is the time of the Thought of Creation. To the degree that we awaken true desire, Light will be revealed. Desire helps us create the Vessel for the Light we want to draw for the entire year to come.

Here are three key points to help you Awaken your desire so that you can draw in endless blessings for the coming year:

1. Awaken Limitless Desire

By doing the work of awakening desire, we manifest the desired Light on Rosh Hashanah, as well as during the year to come. So what we do now is the first and most significant step towards drawing the blessings we are meant to receive into our lives.

Whenever we are feeling content and satisfied with our lives, we stop desiring, which therefore shuts off our ability to receive. If we no longer crave something more every time something “good” happens to us, such as a new job, new relationship, or getting a compliment, we shut off our desire because we already feel fulfilled. When we feel this way the Creator cannot continue to give to us because there is no vessel to contain it. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t feel happy or fulfilled; it just means that it is time to be proactive, so that we say “yes, I’m happy, but now I need to awaken my desire for my next level.”

Pay attention to when you’re feeling satisfied or content. As soon as you notice yourself feeling that way, open up your Vessel, crave something more and write down what it is you desire. What is your next level? What is your next goal to accomplish?

2. Purify your Desire

When we speak about desire, we need to differentiate between two forms: the Desire to Receive for the Self Alone and the Desire to Receive for the Sake of Sharing. We can ask for everything this month, but we have to be very clear about why we desire it. If we desire something to feed our ego, that will not draw and reveal Light for the coming year, but if our Desire is to Receive for the Sake of Sharing, that is a true Vessel into which the Light of the Creator can flow. Yes, we can want more money. Yes, we can want more power, but why do we want it? This needs to be clear in our minds. If we want something because we want to share more of what we receive, then the flow will be endless.

The kabbalists teach us that in order to awaken a true Vessel -a true desire-, we have to quiet the ego. As long as our selfish desire is making noise, we will be without a true Vessel. To truly build the Vessel that achieves the purpose of this month – a limitless, endless Vessel for the coming year – we need to quiet the Desire to Receive for the Self Alone and to awaken a true Desire to Receive for the Sake of Sharing.

3. Certainty and Urgency

We have to say, “I want to ask for everything, both for my own purpose and for the purpose of the world. I want it now and I can have it now.” When we do that, whatever blessings we might hope for on Rosh Hashanah will manifest even more fully than anything we might ever hope for or imagine.

4. Spiritual Tools to Awaken Desire

Connect with the Zohar
Scan the Zohar, portions Safra Detzniuta (“The Concealed Book), Verse 1, and Shemot, Verse 51.

By meditating on these words, we awaken our desire to experience the Light of the Creator and awaken our desire for more in every area of our life, never being satisfied with our present situation.

Meditate on the 72 Name of God “Enough is Never Enough”
We compromise in life. We settle for less. We settle as soon as we experience some enjoyment, and we wind up selling ourselves short. With these letters, our eyes and heart remain focused on the end goal at all times. We awaken the persistence and passion to never- and that means never – ever settle for less!

If we do the work to create a true Desire to Receive for the Sake of Sharing, we will manifest the year that we want on Rosh Hashanah. The degree of desire we awaken is the degree to which Light will be revealed. Preparing a limitless vessel this month will enable us to draw in endless blessings for the coming year.