Astrology Forecast for October 22-28, 2023

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Astrology Forecast for October 22-28, 2023

Rachel Itic
October 22, 2023
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The planet with the greatest influence in astrology is the sun. So much so that it is the celestial body that determines the zodiac sign of an individual. Its influence is so powerful that it also has a great impact on the energy we experience at any given time. The sun is in the sign of Libra, and on October 23rd it will move to the sign of Scorpio—a change that will impact us all. The sun in Libra makes us seek balance and equilibrium. Harmony plays an important role during this period, so it will be difficult for us to confront others in order to prevent conflicts, which leads us to diplomacy and to be more political. As a consequence, this brings a veil of hypocrisy. Relationships take more strength and are more important to us. We may find it difficult to set boundaries as we want to be nice to everyone.

“Strengthen self-love, individuality, and personal development.”

There is currently another aspect in Libra that affects us all: the South Node. Between what are known as the Nodes of the Moon in astrology, the South Node determines a place of difficulty and loss, while the North Node represents attitudes that are desirable at this time. As the South Node is in Libra, it influences us to act with this Libran energy and reflect on losses and difficulties. And the North Node, being in Aries, prompts us to strengthen our self-love, trust in ourselves more, seek greater independence, find our own way, and leave aside what others think of us. This not only is advisable while the sun is in Libra, but all year long. Strengthen self-love, individuality, and personal development. 

We will all feel the strong change from the harmony of Libra to the intense and passionate Scorpio. Scorpio is a water sign that, like Pisces and Cancer, is sensitive but does not like to reveal or allow this sensitivity. It could be the most hermetic and enigmatic sign of the Zodiac. It is ruled by Mars and, according to modern astrology, also has Pluto as a co-ruler. Both planets have an intense confrontational and aggressive energy, which influences the energy of this sign. Scorpios seek depth and transformation. They are decisive, strategic, and excellent at confronting challenges. They can also have a very keen sixth sense. If they choose to use this energy correctly, they are great channels of Light and guidance. 

“Scorpio is an intense month that pushes us toward control…”

All of us can benefit from this influence of the sun during this period where, as we mentioned, we can feel more passionate, more psychic and definitely open to transformation. On the other hand, it is an intense month that pushes us toward control, manipulation, jealousy, revenge, and retaliation. Where there is great Light there are also great challenges. Be mindful of these aspects. The sun in Scorpio is joined by the planets Mars and Mercury, which strengthens and intensifies Scorpio's energy. Mars represents the way we act and confront others, which in Scorpio can be in a cruel, strong, magnetic, and lustful way. And with Mercury in Scorpio, we communicate in an analytical, mysterious, manipulative, and silent way.

It is worth mentioning that the New Moon of Scorpio, or Rosh Chodesh, occurred on October 15th, which means that since this date we have already begun to feel the energy of Scorpio; but when the sun enters Scorpio, we will feel this energy even stronger. 

In this period, we have a great number of planets in water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) and earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn). These signs interact harmoniously and create a balance between the planets that influence us in a positive way. On the one hand, having the sun, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Neptune in water brings emotionality, sensitivity, intuition, and compassion. And with Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto in earth they bring practicality, persistence, diligence, stability, security, and a great capacity for manifestation. This is the energy available to all of us.

“Scorpio is a sign that is associated with transformation and regeneration.”

On October 28th, we have a partial lunar eclipse in the sign of Taurus. Partial lunar eclipses occur when the moon passes partially through the shadow of the Earth and, at the same time, the sun is in an opposite sign; in this case, in the sign of Scorpio. As a result, this energy primarily affects the natives of the signs involved. It can also influence issues related to these signs, such as financial security, material possessions, and emotional stability. Lunar eclipses in general bring moments of change and transformation, and can cause unexpected events that take us out of our daily routine. They also reveal hidden and unknown information, can make people realize things they had not realized before, and can bring challenges and opportunities that, like everything else, lead to spiritual growth.

This week we have the portion of Lech Lecha, in which Avraham completely transformed his life by leaving the known and embarking on something new, an act that completely changed his destiny. It is no coincidence that this portion falls in the month of Scorpio. Scorpio is a sign that is associated with transformation and regeneration, they seek exploration and depth of themselves and their truth, which leads to invaluable spiritual growth. It is said that Scorpio has the ability to die and be reborn, this symbolizes deep transformation in which a person can leave behind old ways of being or patterns of behavior, and emerge renewed and transformed. This is the great opportunity of this week.

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