Astrology Forecast for November 5-11, 2023

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Astrology Forecast for November 5-11, 2023

Rachel Itic
November 5, 2023
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This week, we have two important movements: two planets that change signs. This change impacts the energetic influence and dynamics of the week. On November 10th, Mercury moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius. This transition is quite noticeable since they are two zodiac signs with different characteristics and energies. The Mercury shift has a profound impact on the way we communicate, think, and process information.

“We may feel a stronger drive towards intellectual exploration…”

I'll share with you some influences that will manifest with these sign changes. In Sagittarius, Mercury offers us more direct, frank, and honest communication. The exchange is more open than with the hermetic Scorpio. Sagittarius is a sign that values expansion of the mind and the search for truth. During this period, we may feel a stronger drive towards intellectual exploration and the acquisition of new knowledge. It gives us the ability to think big. It is a much more enthusiastic and optimistic time, which is reflected in our thoughts and communication—a difference from Scorpio that is more precise and profound. We may lose the scope of the detail, as Sagittarius sees things in a broader way.

At the moment, Mercury is the only planet in a fire sign (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius). The lack of this element can result in difficulty expressing passion, optimism, leadership, energy, determination, and creativity. On the other hand, we have more control over impulsiveness since when Mercury enters Sagittarius, we will be able to enjoy a little of the energy that has been absent in past weeks and benefit from the arrival of said element.

Another movement we have is the change of signs in Venus on the 8th. When Venus changes signs, it influences the way we experience love, relationships, and beauty. Venus moves through the signs of the zodiac every three to four weeks, and this change is a common transition but one that we all feel and are impacted by.

When Venus is in Virgo, we tend to value attention to detail, precision, and perfection in relationships. There may be a focus on the practicality and efficiency of love and on the appreciation of beauty. Venus in Virgo can express love in a colder, more judicious, critical, and analytical way.

When Venus enters Libra, the focus shifts to harmony and cooperation in relationships. Libra is the sign ruled by Venus, making it a comfortable place for the planet. People may be more interested in seeking equality and balance in their relationships, as well as valuing beauty and art in all forms. Aesthetics play a fundamental role in this period. Social connections and commitments can also be important during this cycle.

“When Venus enters Libra, the focus shifts to harmony and cooperation in relationships.”

Venus in Libra makes us feel in love, romantic, and in search of acceptance from others through complacency and self-sacrifice. So, we may have difficulties making decisions in love. The search for harmony and balance can lead us to avoid conflict at the expense of our own needs.

This movement brings a planet into the air element, whose qualities and characteristics are related to communication, intellectuality, and sociability.

We are in the last lunar phase of the kabbalistic month of Scorpio, which means that we are close to the New Moon of Sagittarius. At this time, the illumination of the moon decreases as we approach the end of the cycle. This symbolizes a period of lower Light that brings reflection, review, and release—qualities that help us prepare for the next lunation. It is also a stage of cleansing and purification, becoming the ideal setting to purify and change habits.

Personally, this period reminds me that, from time to time in life, we have to stop. We go so fast that we forget to look back and see the results of all we have experienced. It is important to stop and analyze, reflect on our experiences and what we have learned. This pause also gives us the opportunity to better plan the next start in the next moon cycle.

“It is time to prepare for the New Moon of Sagittarius…”

It is time to prepare for the New Moon of Sagittarius, which occurs on the 13th. Making space to receive all the energy of this fire sign is essential since it will give us a more optimistic and enthusiastic energy. Additionally, this month brings with it the energy of Chanukah, a cosmic opening that is characterized by the energy of miracles.

Below are some important recommendations for this week:

  • On Monday, strengthen your leadership and work on your humility. 
  • On Tuesday and Wednesday, tidy, clean, and organize. But be flexible and don't get bogged down in the details. 
  • On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, invest in your relationships, spend time with people whose company you really enjoy. Seek balance and harmony. 
  • And finally, Sunday is a good day for intimate spaces and deep connections. It is an excellent day to meditate and connect with your sixth sense. Beware of great tumults.

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