Astrology Forecast for November 12-18, 2023

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Astrology Forecast for November 12-18, 2023

Batsheva Shouster
November 12, 2023
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This week, we enter into the kabbalistic month of Sagittarius—the month of miracles. We have a great opportunity to strengthen our desire and to align it with the Light. What does it mean to align our desires with the Lightforce of the Creator? Of course, for every person, it is different, but the basic understanding of it is that everything we do in life (work, family, or recreation) is for the purpose of revealing the Lightforce of the Creator in the physical world. It is not about being righteous or noble. Very simply, we came to this world to be co-creators with the Light.

This understanding gives us the perseverance we need to avoid compromising our desires. Sometimes, when things are hard, we want to give up. That might look like: 

“My business goal did not work the way I wanted, so I will give up.” 

“I wanted to get married, but I didn’t find my soulmate, so I am settling for relationships here and there.” 

When we understand that we are a channel to reveal Light, it gives us more power to continue on. Be open to guidance and maybe change, but never settle for less.

“This is a great time to manifest.” 

A strong conjunction in the New Moon between the sun and Mars in Scorpio can help us be disciplined with things we want to do but feel lazy about. This is the time to make a decision to change or improve upon previous decisions. This is a great time to manifest, especially during the New Moon on Monday. On the other hand, be careful of conflict and do not initiate any fight (within or outwards).

Saturn stations direct in Pisces, and this is a time to make use of all the spiritual understandings you have received while Saturn was retrograde. We open the week with the moon in Scorpio, ending the cycle of the month. The moon in Scorpio is in opposition to Jupiter retrograde in Taurus, and the sun in Scorpio is in opposition to Uranus. On the physical level, this has to do with how the body gets rid of toxins. Be careful of swollen feet; give yourself a foot massage and lymphatic brush.

There are five planets in fixed signs! This means great power but also great stubbornness. Holding on to energy without wanting to let go is also how toxins build up in the body. It always starts in the mind! Reduce fried food or any type of food that does not metabolize well in the body.

“Practice balance between the heart and the mouth.” 

With Mercury in Sagittarius, the sun and Mars will join next week. Mercury is considered to be “falling” in Sagittarius. Practice balance between the heart and the mouth. Sagittarius is a sign that naturally wants to be connected with God. The journey here is to see the divinity in every piece of creation. God is not somewhere up in the sky while we are down below trying to chase after Him. The divine is within us, and we are here to reveal it from within.

Mercury in Sagittarius can say lofty words just to sound smart. Instead, focus on speaking from the heart and being vulnerable. That is much more divine and real than trying to appear like something you are not. Anything that is not authentic and real will eventually lose energy, especially with the South Node in Libra. Venus has just entered Libra and will bring some joy and fun. Just watch how you spend your money!

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