Astrology Forecast for the Month of Virgo 2022

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Astrology Forecast for the Month of Virgo 2022

Kabbalah Centre
August 25, 2022
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Be Brave Enough to See

A beautiful woman is the symbol for Virgo, representing purity, wholeness, mercy, and grace. The desire to serve and to be helpful without asking much in return is her nature.

Virgo has the ability to see things clearly, to analyze quickly, and come up with practical solutions. A Virgo’s ability to make decisions that are not affected by emotions may seem cold to some of us. Yet, emotions are the one thing that can sway us into making the wrong decisions based on bias. Because we don’t want to deal with our emotions many times, we tell ourselves lies that prevent us from making the right decisions. So, Virgo energy is a gift this month.

The Creator created a perfect world. He also created human beings who are not perfect! Could it be that the Creator made a mistake? Are we damaged? In reality, first, we need to recognize we are imperfect. Once we see the lack, we can fulfill it.

Lack is a temporary condition. If we believe the lack is constant or that we are not good, then we’ve missed the point. When this happens, we risk staying in that state of lack, which means being unhappy and unfulfilled. Instead, we can see the lack and use it to change and move forward.

Generally, during a New Moon, we sense something is missing because the moon is nowhere to be found. On the New Moon of Virgo, we experience the lack of being complete and whole. During this month, we need to identify our failures and mistakes, so we can remedy these imperfections. We need to forgive ourselves, so we can fill the void and become happier and more loving, caring, and sharing people. If we use the gift of this month to feel guilty or bad about ourselves, we’ve really missed the whole purpose of this time.

The universe is ready to support us in this important work with these three cosmic events:

1.The sun and moon are in Virgo square with Mars in Gemini.

Virgo and Gemini are both ruled by planet Mercury, the messenger who travels between worlds. Therefore, Virgo and Gemini are able to see reality as it is. So, if we choose to see the truth about ourselves, other people, or situations in our lives, andif we are brave enough to admit it, we will have the power to create change.

In two weeks, Mercury will go retrograde in the sign of Libra. But before he stops, he begins to slow down, and we will already start to become reflective. Mercury represents the thought process. It will be as if we can go back in time to change negative thoughts from the past. Mars in Gemini makes the process faster and creates an easier path for us to organize our information.

2.Venus Square Uranus

The detachment belongs to the sign of Aquarius and the planet Uranus. Uranus is one of the main actors in the universe at this time since he moves very closely to the north node that represents destiny. Uranus (detachment) is in the sign of Taurus (physicality). The planet went retrograde recently, and in the chart of the New Moon, it will make a square to Venus. Uranus in Taurus conjunct the north node asks us to set ourselves free from trauma and rooted belief systems that are not allowing us to move forward.

We may feel that it is time to move forward but refuse to let go of the rope that keeps us where we are. Uranus square Venus (the ruler of Taurus) will help us to liberate ourselves from situations in our life that are not good for us. For this to happen, know what your values are (Taurus) and what you value in life. Be brave enough to let go of all else. Once we know our values, we can live by them.

3.Venus Opposite Saturn

Here we have Venus in Leo, which is super creative, super fun, and super loving but can also be super egocentric. This is opposite Saturn in Aquarius, which wants to be in service to society. This is the chance to connect with true love, a love that is fun and romantic but also not selfish. True partnership is sharing our lives with others.

In conclusion, find where we are stuck. Don’t be afraid to see. Seek, and you shall find.

The purpose is to forgive, grow, reinvent, love, and be loved. Connect to your true self and values so you can be a person of service and find happiness.

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