Astrology Forecast for the Month of Taurus 2024

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Astrology Forecast for the Month of Taurus 2024

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The Book of Formation explains that Venus, the planet that controls Taurus, is connected to money, relationships, desire for physical matters, sexual desire, happiness, and pleasure. The kabbalists say that Venus is half in the spiritual world and half in the physical world–half crystal clear and half confusing. There is a negative shell that is called the shell of Noga (Venus in Hebrew), but Venus is also considered to be a benefic planet.

What does this all mean on a practical level? And how can we use this knowledge to connect to the blessings that this month offers us?

If we look around us, the two major areas in which most of the people in the world experience chaos are connected to relationships and money, which are, as we mentioned, under the responsibility of Venus. According to the kabbalists, the idea of relationships, especially romantic ones, is the closest thing to experiencing the joy and pleasure of the Creator. Kabbalah teaches that wherever there is a great potential for blessings, the negative forces are also waiting to step in. The voice of those negative forces will always be connected to a type of selfishness—from pride to self-esteem and everything in between.

Those negative forces make us focus on ourselves only. When I am thinking of myself alone, the blessings that I can receive are more limited than when I create circuitry and share from a selfless place. However, it is hard to know when we are doing the right thing or if a situation is good for us or not. That is the influence of Venus: the confusion over what is right and good and what is not. Everything seems to be so real, but a big part of it is only an illusion.

The answer is not to compromise on what we want. Do not settle for less. This means that if we are in a relationship and know this is not the person for us, the blessings we will receive in that relationship will be limited. And the pain that will ultimately come might be even harder. The same is true if we are not able to speak our truth because of fear of confrontation or if we are too aggressive because we are afraid of not being seen.

Sometimes, we ignore our intuition because of different types of pleasure. Not settling for less means that I want to experience the Lightforce of the Creator through my relationships fully. And the only way I can do that is by letting go of my selfishness and ego.

Money represents a connection to the source of life. The kabbalists say that where the soul is coming from and where the money is coming from is the same place. What we truly seek from the inside, without thinking about it, is a connection to the root of all souls. But when we are too worried about money, overspend, are afraid to spend, or use it only for ourselves, we create challenges in that area. The kabbalists teach that tithing can help release the negativity surrounding our desire for prosperity and inject blessings into our dealings with money.

Both relationships and money are great sources of blessings but can also bring confusion and chaos. It all depends on where we choose to attach it. It is all a matter of daily awareness. When we understand that at its essence, everything in life is supposed to allow me to experience the Lightforce of the Creator, we can connect to the blessings Venus brings.

When we start the month, Venus, the Sun, the Moon, Uranus, and Jupiter are all in Taurus. This gives us condensed Taurean energy. Taurus is a fixed sign that does not like movement, so it can bring a heaviness and fixation of the mind. Let us try to look at things in a more flexible way. The word “change” is not a curse. Conscious, healthy change helps us to be bigger containers for blessings and happiness in our lives. Now is a great time to practice Yoga and all kinds of movements that bring flexibility to our minds and bodies. One of the greatest blessings of this month is the opportunity to heal. By removing stagnation of the mind, we can bring mental and physical healing to all aspects of the body.

With Mars, the planet of war, in Aries, beware of explosions and anger. Anger overshadows our true nature and limits the amount of blessings we can receive. Mercury, our communicator, is in Aries—smart and intelligent, yet explosive. The journey here is to work on hearing the other and seeing the truth in everyone. Conversation is not a war; it is a way of exchanging energy.

From May 22nd to the 23rd, a conjunction between Venus and Jupiter in Taurus brings good luck. Those two benefic planets can help us achieve great things. Just make sure that what you want is actually good for you. Then, on May 24th, Jupiter moves from Taurus to Gemini for a whole year, giving us some flexibility of the mind. May 26th is the holiday of the revelation of the Zohar, which is the foundation of Kabbalah. It is a time of great celebration at the Kabbalah Centre. To learn more about it or to take part in an event, please check our website for updates.

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