Astrology Forecast for the Month of Sagittarius 2023

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Astrology Forecast for the Month of Sagittarius 2023

Rachel Itic
November 10, 2023
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In each lunar cycle, we experience Rosh Chodesh, which means “Head of the Month.” It refers to the first day of the month in the kabbalistic calendar. This event marks a beginning and gives us the gift of spiritual renewal, an opportunity to set new goals and objectives. Each kabbalistic month is governed by the lunar period; therefore, it is linked to the New Moon, although they do not always occur at the same time or in the same sign. Remember that the New Moon is the conjunction, the moment of meeting, between the sun and the moon. Rosh Chodesh is the moment when the moon is born, determined by the Sages’ mathematical formula. This explains why the New Moon occurs in the sign of Scorpio when we are actually beginning the kabbalistic month of Kislev (Sagittarius).

The fact that this New Moon still begins under the energy of the sign of Scorpio will mean that we will have that influence during the month. This conjunction also occurs next to Mars, which is also currently in the sign of Scorpio. This type of alignment offers us the right moment to start projects with great determination. This conjunction can also intensify Scorpion energies: passion, stubbornness, tenacity, and emotional intensity. Mars, for its part, is the planet of war, action, and energy. Therefore, this conjunction could amplify our sense of perseverance to achieve personal goals, as well as our emotional intensity in the way we interact with others. From an optimistic perspective, the determination, courage, and willpower of Mars in the sign of Scorpio can help us achieve great transformation as long as we focus our energy. We talk about desire and power, which, when focused correctly, are positive characteristics in our lives. But when focused in the wrong way, it can be destructive. This can make us act in a stealthy but aggressive and possibly cruel way, especially when coupled with the fact that Mars in Scorpio is extremely strategic in achieving its objectives, with a tendency to dominate.

The beneficial aspect of the sign of Scorpio also gives us the ability to be more intimate and profound. We may even feel more open to psychic sensitivity. Take advantage of this and meditate, take time alone, start therapy, and deepen your spiritual work.

Shortly after the sun-moon conjunction, the latter continues its journey towards the sign of Sagittarius, giving rise to what is known as Molad, the birth of the moon on November 13th. Here, we welcome the energy of the kabbalistic month of Kislev (Sagittarius), the third calendar month that normally coincides with the months of November and December in the Gregorian calendar. Kislev is associated with the energy of the expansion of spiritual Light amid darkness. During this month, the cosmic window of Chanukah is celebrated, which symbolizes the victory of Light over darkness and the energy of miracles. Therefore, the energy of Kislev focuses on certainty and spiritual enlightenment. It is a time to seek clarity in the midst of uncertainty and darkness, as well as to delve deeper into spirituality.

The energy of Sagittarius enters with the birth of the moon and intensifies on the 22nd with the entry of the sun into the sign, bringing an imminent energy change. Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter, and its energy is characterized by adventure, expansion, and the search for truth. In this stage, optimism, intellectual curiosity, and the need for freedom are emphasized. For those who are not Sagittarians, this period can be an opportunity to explore these qualities in their own lives. It is a favorable time to seek knowledge and have more optimism.

Among its positive characteristics, Sagittarian energy is honest, generous, open, enthusiastic, sympathetic, moral, wise, and intuitive. On the flip side, the challenge of Sagittarius’s energy is listening to and accepting the opinions of others. During this period, we can fall into pride, intransigence, irresponsibility, and exaggeration, where excess and recklessness are the average.

During this period, we are not usually sensitive, and by being so direct and honest, we can become offensive. Be more aware and considerate in what you say and how you say it.

The change of sign of a planet is an event that influences the energy we all experience at that moment. The planets moving through the zodiac signs represent specific areas of life, and during the period of the month of Kislev, we have three important changes.

First, Mars enters Sagittarius on November 24th. This astral movement can bring energy and action. There is a change from an intense and transformative energy to a more adventurous and lighter spirit. Physically, we enjoy a lot of energy, so try sports, especially outdoors. With Mars in Sagittarius, we are more willing to take risks and seek new experiences. Be careful not to fall into recklessness and impulsiveness.

Next, on December 2nd, Mercury moves to a new sign. Mercury represents communication, thinking, and decision-making. When Mercury is in Sagittarius, it tends to favor frank communication, the expansion of knowledge, and the search for truth. When it shifts to Capricorn, communication can become more structured and focused on goals and achievements. With this change, the way ideas are communicated and decisions are made takes a more serious and pragmatic approach. Although it does not happen in the period of this kabbalistic month, it is worth mentioning that on December 13th, Mercury enters retrograde, which affects our communication, bringing confusion and misunderstandings.

The last important astrological movement that occurs in Kislev is that of Venus, which passes from Libra to Scorpio on December 5th. Venus in Libra tends to value harmony, balance, support, and encourages cooperation in relationships. It seeks beauty and diplomacy. It is worth mentioning that this year, the south node is precisely in Libra, which may not be very beneficial since the basic aspects of this sign, such as harmony, balance, diplomacy, and, above all, beauty, are challenged. This transit can lead us to reflect on the dynamics in relationships, self-evaluation in matters of love, and to heal emotional wounds. It is a good time for a change and transformation in these areas.

When Venus moves into Scorpio, the energy shifts towards greater emotional depth and passion. Scorpio is a water sign, and Venus in Scorpio can experience love and attraction in a more intense and transformative way. Relationships can become more passionate and committed, but jealousy, control, and intensity can also arise. We may have the need to explore emotions more acutely. This transit influences the way we relate and feel in personal relationships.

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