Astrology Forecast for the Month of Libra 2023

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Astrology Forecast for the Month of Libra 2023

Batsheva Shouster
September 13, 2023
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The Scale of Libra

Libra is a special month because our souls are undergoing spiritual surgery. It is time for the removal of judgments and the awakening of mercy and blessings in our lives. We are all under the influence of the cosmic forces that exist this month.

If you are or know a person who was born under the sign of Libra, then you know that Librans have a hard time making decisions. Whether it is in regards to buying clothes, choosing what to have for dinner, or any other practical decision, they struggle. It is also extremely difficult to decide who is right and who is wrong! This is because they are able to see both sides: the good and bad of every situation. They can recognize the truth of every point of view. As a result, when they start to calculate all of the details, there is no hope for a decision. The key to remember is that their first intuition, the first thought, is usually the right one. 

Fairness is very important to Librans, and you will often find lawyers under that sign. Many politicians are under the influence of Libra because they have a striking ability to speak publicly with authority and convince the masses.

Libra is a Venusian sign, and they like balance, harmony, and peace. They desire to be in love. The danger for them is that in order to earn love, they feel the need to mask who they truly are. In compromising who they are or what they want, they have a hard time with boundaries. They want so much for others to like them and appreciate their gifts.

The problem is when we are not honest with ourselves and with who we are, we create a disconnection between ourselves and our souls. This prevents us from drawing the blessings meant for us into our lives. We might find ourselves living a fake life and being truly miserable.

The area of the body that is connected to Libra is the kidneys, and spiritually speaking, the kidneys represent the moral or conscience mind. Because Librans want balance and fairness and because Venus is a planet that does not like fighting or breaking balance, Librans (and now all of us) need to learn that there is a cosmic scale and that we all bring with us a process and Karma from past lifetimes. In this life alone, we bring upon ourselves all kinds of things. Our life and the universe are constantly on a scale, and every time we take positive or negative action, we add weight to one side or the other. That will determine the balance of humanity.

Librans do not like confrontation, and this is an area we all have to work on. When confrontations are healthy, they bring closeness and growth. The portion of Vayigash from the Zohar can help us as a meditation to awaken a healthy power of confrontation.  

The month of Libra holds the cosmic window of Rosh Hashanah (the first day of the month). Then, on the tenth day, we have another cosmic window: Yom Kippur, which is considered to be the day of judgment. Every day in between, we are in a different sefira, or frame of energy. And every day, there is a process of cleansing we need to consider for different dimensions of our lives. For example, if we encounter confrontation or some kind of difficult situation, remember what unfolds from here originated in that sefira.

From the tenth day on, there is a shift of energy. After we clean out the judgment in our lives, we are now in the frequency of mercy. This is the time to work on our plans for the year, ask the divine for guidance, and rise up to fulfill our potential. We also receive the energy of protection. This is a process that continues for 12 days. If you live close to a Kabbalah Centre, or you are an online member, view the schedule of events on so you can participate in the connections.

Important movements of the planets this month:

We start the month with Mercury stationed to go direct in Virgo. Pay attention in your modes of communication: what you say and what you are listening to. If there is a road bump, see how you can move things ahead in a spiritual way.

Jupiter is conjunct six degrees to Uranus in Taurus, and both are in retrograde motion. This is a time for original and creative thinking—step outside of the box! Imagine things from a different aspect while doing what you can to draw inspiration. Keep in mind what is important to you and what you value.

Both planets are square to Venus, so consider control when it comes to the things you indulge in. And do not overreact. It’s time to upgrade your relationships. It is easier to judge others and be upset. So, find what you love about your other half and focus on how you can expand that energy of love between you. This is something to remember this month. On October 9th, when Venus moves to Virgo, it is even more important to awaken appreciation of your partner and see the beauty in them. During this time, avoid overspending, as Libra's desire for comfort can be considerable.

On September 20th, Mars is in a hard aspect to Jupiter. Be careful what you are fighting for, listen to others, and see what is important to them. You may not need to compromise yourself but rather brainstorm. Each one of us has part of a global truth. We are all part of the creative process of humanity. Only when we truly care for each other can we make the world a better place. Breathe deeply, and take care of your kidneys and back area.

On September 23rd, the sun moves to Libra. We all desire fairness, harmony, and love. Step up and own who you are. Recognize that everything that happens to you is part of a divine plan.

From September 30th to October 8th, we will experience a close conjunction between Mars and the South Node. We can encounter difficult interpersonal situations or fights from the past that are coming back up. Pay attention to your relationship situation. It is a good time to volunteer and to engage in true sharing.

In the evening of September 29th, the Full Moon of Libra occurs, a powerful cosmic event. By participating in the connection with the Kabbalah Center, you can create protection and growth for the year to come.

On October 5th, Mercury moves to Libra, where it can help us to create harmony and teamwork.

On October 14th, on the evening of the New Moon of Scorpio, we will experience a solar eclipse that can help us to look within and take all what we have achieved in the month of Libra into the New Year.

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