Astrology Forecast for the Month of Leo 2023

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Astrology Forecast for the Month of Leo 2023

Kabbalah Centre
July 17, 2023
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The month of Leo is a time when we learn about true love. Love is the power that runs our lives; love is our existence. Love is food for the soul.

Love, or ahava in Hebrew, is 13 in numerology. That represents one above the limitations of the physical world. Why, in order to gain love, do we need to go above the limitations of the physical world? Well, when we fall in love, we want the fairytale. We want them around us all the time because they fill us with energy. We want them to act in a way that makes us feel loved. We want them to understand and respect. We have so many conditions. Even as we share with them, we are led by our own desires.

So the question is: do we really know how to love when we are so busy with ourselves?

When we talk about true love, we are talking about connection: love is Light and vessel coming together. The word “one” in Hebrew is also 13. When we feel true love for someone, we feel one with them. Two separate people in love become one. When there is true love, there is always an outcome. It can be between couples, between friends, or between my thoughts and feelings. I can’t even love myself if I don’t accept, respect, and connect with myself. In short, a person who has pride can’t really love.

In the chart of the new Moon, the planet Venus is in Leo. Venus is love and relationships, and Leo is love. Venus prepares to go retrograde in a couple of days, which will last for 40 days. Venus in Leo, while in retrograde, helps us take a look at our lives. It’s a good time to check in with our relationships and assess the love we give and receive. Erase the conditions that do not allow us to love and connect.

I will love myself only if I lose weight. 
I will feel good only if I make more money.
I love my kids, but...
I love my husband or wife, but...

Ask yourself if you are creating outcomes in your relationships? These thoughts do not serve us. 
The chart of the New Moon closes some gates and opens new ones. And humanity continues to evolve constantly. We are all going through our individual processes, but if we pay attention, we may notice that at any given time, whatever we go through as individuals, others are going through, as well. Each of us has a unique tikkune we need to go through, but as a whole, we are experiencing very similar things. We are not alone—there is a purpose to life, and we are all connected.

In the last 18 months, we have all had to deal with the pain we carry from the past. This is always true, but in the last 18 months, things were particularly sensitive. The universe challenges us where it hurts the most. And we need to find peace of mind and certainty beyond logic in order to survive. Now, we see that the universe is challenging us to have the courage to initiate our next level of transformation. 

The North and South Nodes in astrology represent collective karma, and those are at a closing point of 00 degrees and 00 minutes in Taurus and Scorpio. Two hours after the New Moon, those karmic points are moving to Libra and Aries and will be there for 18 months. (The eclipses in the next 18 months will be in Aries and Libra.) The purpose of the lessons the nodes teach us is to find balance between the two signs they are in—this time in Aries and Libra, a lesson about relationships or the balance of relationships between ourselves and others. It is an important lesson, for if we know how to accurately represent ourselves in that matter, we can have a much more peaceful life.

Libra's South Node will try to create peace at all costs. Think: compromise and doing things we don't really want to so as not to rock the boat. The pitfall is we then often expect others to do the same, which leads to extreme disappointment when people don't behave in the manner we desire. Aries feels they need to get what they want at all costs, leaving them feeling frustrated, angry, or sad. The North Node in Aries teaches us that it is okay to be who we are and have what we want, as long as it goes hand-in-hand with seeing the other person.
When we look at the bigger picture of the chart, everything that is happening pushes us to be real and authentic, to know our power as strong and free individuals. Strive to be someone who knows what he or she is capable of. Build a strong core that no wind will shake. And with this power of freedom, true love, and confidence, each of us will be able to connect with others on the most fundamental level and gain true happiness and pleasure. By doing so, we can achieve the purpose of creation.

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