Astrology Forecast for the Month of Cancer 2023

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Astrology Forecast for the Month of Cancer 2023

Rachel Itic
June 18, 2023
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On June 18th, the moon and sun will align, signaling the start of a new cycle known as the month of Cancer. This event, also referred to as Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, will have a lasting impact throughout the month, despite occurring in Gemini. As the sun transitions into Cancer on July 21st, the influence of Cancerian energy will gradually intensify. Gemini, an air sign governed by Mercury, embodies qualities such as volatility, curiosity, quickness, superficiality, and a strong focus on ideas and communication. In contrast, Cancer, a water sign ruled by the moon, represents emotions, love, sensitivity, and family.

Cancer is the sole sign ruled by the moon, channeling all its energy through this sign. The moon symbolizes the feminine aspect, particularly the mother figure, woman, and wife. It also signifies family, home, emotions, feelings, the reactive system, and the soul's cumulative experiences from past lives. Therefore, patterns of behavior from previous lifetimes reside within the moon. Cancer, influenced by water and lunar energy, values the importance of family and tends to exhibit loving, sensitive, and emotional traits. They like to take care of and attend to others, sometimes forgetting about themselves and sacrificing themselves. However, there is a tendency towards codependency, bullying, and seeking attention through manipulation and emotional blackmail. Learning to be self-sufficient and not overly reliant on others is crucial for Cancerians.

Cancer individuals excel in household chores and particularly enjoy cooking and spending time with family. This month, embracing the gifts of Cancer can bring loved ones closer together, especially if there have been previous conflicts. It is important for Cancer to mature emotionally by letting go of personal grievances and resentments that keep them locked in their shell, akin to crabs. The sign's fearfulness often leads to emotional clinging and difficulty in moving forward. Cancerians need to trust in the Light of the Creator, recognizing that this physical world is an illusion represented by the moon, which governs chaos and impermanence.

The New Moon represents a fresh start and an ideal time to initiate projects related to home, family, and personal growth. This period encourages remodeling, culinary exploration, open conversations, family gatherings, emotional expression, and caring for others.

Regarding planetary influences, Venus, the goddess of love and affection, resides in Leo, as does Mars, the god of war. Venus symbolizes femininity, while Mars embodies masculinity, and their opposing energies attract each other. However, this dynamic can lead to toxic relationships driven by passionate games that complicate matters. In Leo, Venus seeks love, recognition, and honor, but it is essential not to depend solely on others for love. True love starts with self-love. On the other hand, Mars in Leo can exhibit demanding and abusive tendencies, but it also offers opportunities for leadership and directing strength towards the Light. It is important to exercise discernment in utilizing this energy.

On June 27th, Mercury enters Cancer. Mercury represents communication and intelligence, but water signs can pose challenges for this planet due to their emotional nature, while Mercury governs rational thinking. Consequently, communication during this period will be subjective, emotionally charged, and simultaneously loving and intuitive.

With Mercury in Cancer, four planets align under the water element, making it the dominant influence during this time. This brings forth heightened emotionality and sensitivity. It is crucial to employ this energy to cultivate empathy and sensitivity towards others while remaining cautious not to succumb to excessive emotions, drama, or victimization.

Remember that the month of Tammuz marks the beginning of the three-week period called "Ben HaMetzarim," characterized by the concealment of Light. During this phase, it is advisable to maintain a low profile, connect with the Light, and utilize the tools of Kabbalah.

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