Astrology Forecast for the Month of Aquarius 2024

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Astrology Forecast for the Month of Aquarius 2024

Batsheva Shouster
January 9, 2024
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Complete and Total Freedom

The sign of Aquarius represents the desire for freedom. This is something we can all achieve this month. Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, will enter Aquarius this month and stay for the next 20 years, which can help us to achieve true freedom. Let us examine what the word freedom really means. 

Kabbalists throughout history have observed words and their meaning carefully because words create worlds. Words are connected to the element of air. And Aquarius is an air sign. The way we speak and what we hear has a lot of impact. 

Over time, people have written songs and poems about freedom, praised and painted the idea of freedom, craved it, and waited for it. Freedom represents redemption and enlightenment, the idea of doing whatever I want whenever I want, to not to be bound by anything. Theoretically, we have freedom—we have freedom of choice, and we can decide things. Yet, it appears that the world as a whole does not experience freedom.

“Freedom… means freedom from our limiting voices.”

Freedom, according to the kabbalists, means freedom from our limiting voices, from the control of physical matter on us. Our only real choice is in which realm of life we want to live. Do we want to live in the physical world, or as the kabbalists say, the reality of the Tree of Life: good and bad? This is the world that relies on the idea that one day everything is good and the next day maybe not so much, as if everything is already predetermined. Or do we choose to live in the spiritual realm, or as the kabbalists say, the Tree of Life reality where the fountain of blessings comes? In this world, there is complete freedom. 

Aquarius energy represents that fountain—the notion of ultimate freedom, that we do not have to be slaves to the physical world. 

As I mentioned earlier, Pluto moves to Aquarius on January 21st. It will be in retrograde September 21st of 2024 to 29 degrees Capricorn. Then, in November, it will settle into Aquarius completely for 20 years. Pluto in Aquarius is about giving power to the people. Aquarius is a social sign, marching on the street to make sure there is equality for all genders and all races. 

We are now facing a turning point in history, and we are all part of it. An Aquarius is more concerned about what is going on outside than inside. What does this mean? Aquarians will march on the streets for change, but it is hard for them to deal with close relationships. This is exactly our journey for this month (and for the next 20 years!). 

“We are now facing a turning point in history, and we are all part of it.”

If we want to bring change and growth to the world, our work is in the personal. Ask yourself where your influence lies. How can you affect the people who are close to you? How can you reveal Light in your daily life? How do you engage with your environment? How many people do you inspire to connect to the Light, to remove their own chaos? How sensitive are you to what other people are going through?  

As the world shifts in order to gain freedom, let us make sure that we are putting ourselves on the constructive side of history. Let us create the change within ourselves that comes through deep personal work and transformation. 

Important dates to remember this month: 

  • January 14th – There is a conjunction between the sun (which is ending its journey in Capricorn) and Pluto (which is ending its journey also in Capricorn). 
  • January 21st – As Pluto moves to Aquarius, it conjuncts the sun in Aquarius. This conjunction is about gaining personal power. Use it to recognize the power of your soul, where you limit yourself and your abilities, and how you can overcome that. A new cycle is starting. 
  • January 23rd – Venus, the planet of love and money, moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn—a more grounded sign. Here, our journey is to awaken appreciation for what we have. Think about how you can generate more romance and affection. Do not try to control your loved ones. Sometimes, it is ok to let go. 
  • January 24th – At night, we experience the Full Moon of Aquarius (the moon in Leo) and the holiday of the trees. We can receive the ability to go against our personal gravity and overcome forces that pull us down. 
  • January 26th-27th – We will have the cosmic window of Shabbat Beshalach at this time. Use the 72 Names of God frequencies of energy to break any barrier. 

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