Astrology Forecast for May 7-13, 2023

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Astrology Forecast for May 7-13, 2023

Rachel Itic
May 7, 2023
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We start the week with the sun in Taurus, which invites us to enjoy life. Moreover, the sun is positioned next to Uranus (energy of change) and Mercury (energy of communication), all located in the same sign with the same Taurine energy. This clearly has great weight this week.

The bull is a sign of harmony and stability. It is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, which makes it a romantic sign—a lover of beauty and very connected with the five senses and their pleasures. Taurus does not like change or spontaneity, preferring traditions and what is already known. Above all, Taurus loves comfort.

An earth sign: Taureans are practical, constant, dedicated, diligent, and calm. Although, they can be stubborn and angry. When we "prick" a bull, they are capable of showing us all their fury. However, when there is no desire to move, it is almost impossible to convince them otherwise. Ironically, Uranus has been in this sign in recent years, making Taureans uncomfortable by forcing them to move, to change, and to let go. Evolution can only come through movement, what bothers us, and what we must let go.

Due to the proximity of this planet to the sun, this month, we will all receive a spoonful of its medicine. Our best option is to adapt to change, open up to the unexpected, and be flexible. It is not easy to come to this awareness, especially during this period, but it is definitely part of the solution and the process that Uranus calls for. The more proactively we work, the fewer complications we'll encounter.

Mercury, the energy of communication and thought, influences what we learn. This planet, which is related to the mind and logic, is also in Taurus. It is a rigid position for said planet since it is more associated with speed. In Taurus, we experience a Mercury that communicates and reasons in a leisurely and stubborn way. (But yes, also very grounded.) Beyond everything, the real conflict at the moment is that the planet is in a retrograde state, which indicates that the planet is not working as it should.

Mercury tends to exaggerate at the poles of its function, such as talking and overthinking or, on the contrary, not speaking when we should. Everything related to communication and transportation is cut short or delayed, which constantly challenges our patience. This is an important part of learning during this period. We are developing patience and the ability to anticipate any inconvenience. For example, if I have a commitment, I plan my departure in advance. But Mercury retrograde not only brings challenges, it also brings second chances in situations that we were unable to take advantage of in the first round, such as rereading something we did not understand, reviewing, reconnecting, etc. So, take advantage of that energy because in these second opportunities, you can correct past mistakes.

On the 7th, Venus moves from Gemini to Cancer. In Gemini, this celestial body shows us a shallow, interested love that seeks fun and is fickle. Under this energy, it is likely—especially for those who are sensitive—to feel that love is not enough or that love and attention are not directed towards us. It may be that we feel offended or hurt and take things personally because what Venus wants is simply to have a good time. As soon as Cancer enters, we are going to feel all the forces of sentimental and cheesy love. This position suits Venus well, as it allows us to express ourselves and display affection. It is a great opportunity for all those who have a hard time dealing with relationships and tenderness.

Family love benefits from this aspect since Cancer represents maternal love. It is a great time to create family unity. In parallel, Mars, the planet of war, is also in Cancer, and from this position, he acts and fights in an emotional and capricious way. Ironically, it is very likely that our most loved ones are on the receiving end of this behavior. So let's take advantage of Venus and create a counterweight with Mars.

This week most of the planets are in the elements of water and earth, leaving only one planet in fire and one in air. On the one hand, this indicates harmony. This week there is a sense that things are flowing since water and earth complement each other well. So the planets join forces and support each other (something very beneficial for us). But the fact that there is only one planet in air and one planet in fire indicates a type of energy that is lacking during this period. Fire gives us enthusiasm, desire, and creativity, and air connects us with mental processes and helps us connect with others. From this perspective, these energies are missing during the week, and we have to make up for them ourselves. Don't be afraid to fight for what the cosmos is not going to provide for us these days.

This week we honor Lag Ba'Omer, the Hilulah (death anniversary) of Rav Shimon bar Yochai, the author of the Zohar and the channel for the revelation of the powerful energy of the Book of Splendor. On this day, we can connect with this beautiful, righteous soul and have access to his Light, especially at night. It is a unique opportunity to take advantage of, especially in this period of the Omer and this week, since its strength is the antidote to any astral influence. Rabbi Shimon teaches us to be above any astrological influx and illusion of the physical world since he conquered all matter, even the very force of negativity. May his Light and his strength be with us this week and all the time.

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