Astrology Forecast for May 14-20, 2023

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Astrology Forecast for May 14-20, 2023

Rachel Itic
May 14, 2023
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We start the week with the last phase of the lunar cycle, the Last Quarter. At this point, the moon ends one period and prepares for the next. The lunar phases set our rhythms and help to stay in tune with the cosmos. Each phase tells us which activities are appropriate in each period, and the last quarter has the energy of endings and closures. These are times to conclude projects and reflect. Take stock of the past, analyze, then eliminate what has not worked so you can prepare for a new start. It's our turn to cleanse, purify, and detoxify.

This energy, in my opinion, is of the utmost importance because we normally focus more on beginnings. We get excited about making things happen. Indeed, endings are fundamental to the success of the next step. If we do not somehow reflect on our actions, it is difficult to invite a new energy to enter. We risk losing sight of the wisdom of the past. This waning quarter, take the time to look at your life so you can build what you want for the next cycle. Although the waning quarter is not the right time to start something new, it is an excellent time for planning what you want in the future.

On the 20th, the new cycle begins with the New Moon. Now, what does Rosh Chodesh Sivan give us from the perspective of Kabbalah? The head of the month is the seed of everything that will manifest in the next 29 days. Here we get the ability to master the challenges of the month, in this case for Gemini, which are aspects such as superficiality, lack of commitment, and excessive talking. Consider these areas of opportunity for the cycle. On the other hand, we can also benefit from the virtues that will be available, such as great skill in communication, intelligence, and adaptation (characteristics of those native to this sign). Rosh Chodesh is the day when we take control of the entire period.

This week we will experience the transition from the heavy and stubborn Taurus to the friendly and flexible Gemini. They are such different energies that we will all perceive this change. Taurus offers stability, balance, comfort, and commitment. Being an earth sign, it is practical and determined. Gemini is fast, smart, and bold. They need to be on the move, as they get bored easily. One of Gemini's problems is that their mind never stops; it must be directed and controlled since this can make it scattered and inconstant.

To reinforce this work, remember that Mercury is retrograde, which brings dysfunction in communication and transport. We can easily fall into misunderstandings, confusion, and frustration. This period teaches us to have patience and tolerance. Pay more attention to how you communicate. This energy ends on May 15.

On May 17, Jupiter enters Taurus and will stay there until May 26, 2024. It takes approximately one year for Jupiter to change signs, and this week, we will witness this transition. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and good luck, where benefit, optimism, and abundance are received. During the period of Jupiter in Aries, we could see a strengthening of personal identity, initiatives emerged, and entrepreneurial risks were taken. Even during this period, we saw the birth of new leaders, as this astrological aspect extols leadership. And while courage and confidence in individuality were acquired, there was also an exponential growth of aggressiveness and selfishness in the fight to defend one's own community.

The change of Jupiter from Aries to Taurus will bring optimism in the economic realm. With Uranus in Taurus, we have already seen several changes, both in the economy and in matters relating to the earth, and now with Jupiter, we will experience expansion in these areas. But since not everything is rosy, the negative part of Taurus will also be exalted. That is, stubbornness and materialism. During this stage, we run the risk of giving more priority to possessions. Jupiter is going to expand the need for matter and the physical. We cannot ignore the search for balance. The need to seek security in our material goods intensifies. Having Jupiter and the North Node in this place, Taurus will be extremely beneficial this year for the signs of earth and water.

Another important movement of the week is that on May 20th, Mars enters Leo. This astral movement brings with it the element of fire, which until now was lacking in the sky. This position brings enthusiasm and energy. We can be confrontational and, to some extent, tyrannical by imposing our will.

As you can see, it is a week of a lot of movement and action in the cosmos with great changes and opportunities, as well as challenges. But the value of all this is that, as Rav Berg says, we can rise above astral energy.

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