Astrology Forecast for March 19-25, 2023

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Astrology Forecast for March 19-25, 2023

Batsheva Shouster
March 19, 2023
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This week, there is a shift in the planets: Saturn is in the first degree of the last sign of the zodiac, and Venus moves to Taurus, its domain. Things are flowing more gracefully, and we may find ourselves striving for peace and comfort. It is also a good time for fertility. Mercury, our messenger, starts the week on the last degree of the zodiac (be aware of feelings of depression on this day) and prepares to move into the first degree of the first sign of the zodiac, Aries.

Some things are ending, and others are beginning.

From a kabbalistic point of view, there is a shift as we are entering a new frame of energy, a new emanation from the Tree of Life, Zeir Anpin. This means a shift for everything that is connected to the creative process: from day-to-day life to challenges, opportunities, happiness, and more. Even the planets we refer to are in the realm of Zeir Anpin.

The function of Zeir Anpin is to act as a connection between us and the source of all blessings, which are the higher emanations in the Tree of Life. Think of it like a pipe that transfers energy to us and the world. Kabbalistically, we know (although sometimes it is hard to fully understand) that everything we are going through in life is meant to connect us to the Light, so the process that we are going through is a physical manifestation of Zeir Anpin. The gift that we receive this week is assistance removing the spiritual weights that are holding us back from connecting to the divine within ourselves.

As the week starts, the moon is in 15° Aquarius—the most stubborn degree of the zodiac! The moon in Aquarius is a bit detached, making it hard to process emotions. The other planet in the air element is Mars in Gemini. In Gemini until March 25th, Mars is considered to be a malefic planet, usually creating some issues for whatever sign or elements it is in.

So that means two planets creating some challenges in the air element, which is the way we communicate (listening, speaking, processing information, and even in the way we breathe). Rav Berg, the founder of the Kabbalah Center, explains that our work in the next few weeks can purify the air element in the universe. This is the time to learn how to use our words correctly, as we have a tendency to underestimate the words that come out of our mouths.

From Sunday to Tuesday, the moon moves to Pisces, and there is focus on the lymphatic system. The moon will conjunct Saturn, who slows down systems. It could be beneficial to do a lymphatic massage or go dancing. Be extremely careful not to fall into depression, as the sun is also going into the last degree of Pisces. Stay away from chemicals. And reach out to those in your life who have a tendency to experience deep sadness. We can all use a little uplifting.

This is a great time to share and meditate (either solo or in a group). Listen to the Ten Luminous Emanations by Michael Berg because our intuition and spiritual understanding gets deeper with the aspects in the cosmos at the moment. And we can receive even more from these now than in other times.

Wednesday is the New Moon of Aries, so now the sun, the moon, Mercury, and Jupiter are all in Aries, which represents renewal and freedom. Focus on creating the reality you desire and who you want to be this zodiac year.

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