Astrology Forecast for July 30 - August 5, 2023

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Astrology Forecast for July 30 - August 5, 2023

Rachel Itic
July 30, 2023
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In the kabbalistic month of Av, the sun is in its regency. That is, it is in the place where it can operate best and perform the work it is meant to do due to the affinity it has with Leo. Both the sun and Leo are characterized by the ego, prominence, brilliance, dignity, pride, creativity, honor, vanity, and vitality, among other qualities. This is why, at this moment, the energy of the sun has the potential to send its best Light. So much so, it can sometimes burn.

"The sun in Leo represents our maximum potential, the revelation of our divine spark."

On August 2nd, we experience a Full Moon in the cycle of Leo, which means that the position of the moon is in Aquarius, its opposite and complementary sign. There is a balance of energy between the sun and the cosmos. And both luminaries are in perfect harmony of completeness—their greatest splendor. Kabbalistically speaking, this perfect union opens a cosmic window, which as a result, rules one of the highest days of the year: Tu B’Av. It is considered the day of love. The energy of this day invites us to seek unconditional love in ourselves.

Beyond our ego, the sun in Leo represents our maximum potential, the revelation of our divine spark. The moon in Aquarius represents equality and welfare of the group. It is a time to see that we are all equal and deserve the same opportunities. This energy reminds us that from the point of view of the Creator, no one is better than another; we are all unique and special. It is an invitation to share our strengths for the common good. Leave the ego aside. Shine bright, yes, but for the right reasons. As Kabbalah teaches, we need to have the desire to receive, but in order to share in a perfect balance.

Transforming our internal garbage through love adheres us to the Creator, which makes us our best, most perfected version of ourselves. On Tu B’Av we can ask to be in that state of perfection, and from this place attract the perfect partner, job, client, etc. Attracting what you desire depends on where you are in consciousness. Today, be in a state of completion and perfect balance with the Creator, yourself, and everything that surrounds you.

Following the theme of love, this week overlaps with the beginning of one of the most important moments of the year: Venus, the planet of love, goes retrograde on July 28th. Many of us are familiar with the energy of Mercury Retrograde because we live with that energy three to four times a year. But Venus only goes retrograde once every year to two years (approximately). A retrograde planet is actually an optical illusion that occurs due to the difference in speed between it and the earth, which makes it appear as if it is going backwards. The effect of this phenomenon is a planet that does not function properly or fulfill its fundamental tasks.

Venus is the planet that represents love, affection, the five senses, joy, charisma, beauty, harmony, grace, and kindness. Therefore, during this period when Venus is in retrograde, these aspects of life do not work properly. We can become more sensitive and begin to dislike things that did not bother us before, such as smells, tactile sensations, tastes, noises, etc. We may act with capriciousness and instability, as well. In addition, we may feel dissatisfied in love and relationships. There is a lot of confusion and lack of clarity in this area of ​​life. Beware of acting on a controlling, possessive, or manipulative love. We can fall into illusions about love, which is why it is not recommended to start a new relationship at this time.

On the positive side, Venus Retrograde gives us the opportunity to mend old relationships and, most importantly, allows us to work on love in an internal way. That is, we can begin to love ourselves and connect with that unconditional love from the perspective of the Creator, rather than looking outside for what we can give ourselves. This is the great gift of this period running from July 28th to September 4th.

"Know that all the Creator gives us is love, even if we don't see it."

This week is the portion of Ekev, where it is written, “If you keep my ordinances, I will keep with you the covenant and mercy that I showed to your fathers.” And Moshe tells B’nei Yisrael, “The Creator will love you when you keep his ordinances, this is the supreme blessing.” It is written that if a person is loved by the Creator, they receive the greatest benefits. But really, we are all loved by the Creator. There is only a difference in those who do not know how to receive that love. We can create so much space, or klipot, between us and the Creator that we do not allow that connection with ourselves, with the Creator, or with others. Know that all the Creator gives us is love, even if we don't see it. The Creator only wants us to fulfill our mission in life—to transform and to evolve.

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