Astrology Forecast for January 10-16, 2021

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Astrology Forecast for January 10-16, 2021

Rachel Itic
January 10, 2021
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We are in the last quarter of the passage of the moon through the month of Tevet and the sign of Capricorn. On January 13th, the moon meets the sun to start a new cycle in the month of Shvat, or Aquarius. Take advantage of these last days of the month of Capricorn, which has taught us about responsibility, commitment, and discipline, with an energy that has pushed us to create structure and be objective. This month’s work and seriousness have been the protagonists. The energy of the cosmos prompts us to look for an area of ​​our lives where we need to commit, create structure, and be more responsible.

The last quarter is about coming to terms, closing things out, letting go, and looking back while taking note of what happened during this period. Reflect upon and analyze what you have learned; evaluate what worked and what did not. Let go of what doesn’t serve you—whether it’s a relationship or an attitude. Do a deep cleaning in all areas of your life to prepare your vessel for the start of a new month.

The beginning of each moon cycle is called Rosh Chodesh in Kabbalah, or the head of the month. This provides us with the perfect conditions to sow, this time under the energy of Aquarius. This sign change is remarkable, as we move from an earth sign to an air sign. Aquarius wants freedom and innovation and breaks with established structures. It is a futuristic sign, and Capricorn, where we come from, is very traditional and structured.

The first step to receive this month is opening ourselves up to change. Aquarius invites us to break routines. Be revolutionary, independent, unique, and altruistic. Consider the well being of others and of society. This energy is ideal for loosening our ties and looking towards the future, modernizing ourselves, and welcoming technology. Use all of this energy and dare to sow the seed today of what you want to change for the future, removing everything from which you want to free yourself.

Aquarius, an air sign, offers the ideal vibe for connecting with friends. Aquarians are intellectual and have a brilliant energy—they’re one of the most cerebral signs of the zodiac. They like social gatherings and the exchange of ideas and aspire to create a better world. Aquarians embrace the utopian idea of ​​a world of equality and rights for all and seek social justice.

We must not lose sight of the fact that although the sign of Aquarius is social, it is a cold and impersonal sign, ready to fix the world but unable to relate on an emotional level. They are willing to commit to great causes that impact the world but don't expect warmth while they turn the commitment around in their personal relationships.

Keep in mind Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and (for a few days) the moon are in Aquarius, which sharpens the characteristics of the sign and causes both this and the rest of the air signs to acquire much weight and relevance during the week. Communication, brainstorming, mental activity, openness, and fluency will be important activities. On the other hand, the sun, which is still in Capricorn next to Pluto, Uranus, and Mars in Taurus, is strongly marking us during this week with the energy of the earth signs. Because of this practicality, objectivity, realism, materialism, and the ability to manifest are energetic qualities that we can also find in this period.

So, during this week, we are in the middle of the energies of air and earth. On the one hand, the influence of air signs motivates us to free ourselves and change, and on the other hand, the earth energy moves us towards the traditional and the resistance to change. This duality can bring tension, or with effort, we can fuse these energies and take advantage of them, bringing many of our ideas into manifestation.

In this week's portion, the Creator commands Moshe to deliver the people of Israel—a very Aquarian attitude. However, it hardens the heart of Paro (Pharaoh), preventing him from transforming, changing, and letting go—an attitude closely associated with earth signs. Even in this portion, we see that clash of energies and elements, which finally shows us the importance of changing and letting go. Pharaoh has to go through ten plagues of suffering to finally open his heart and let the people of Israel go. May we have the strength and courage to change through mercy and love this week.

At the beginning of the week, on Sunday, we will feel a great energy of enthusiasm, encouragement, and positivism. On Monday and Tuesday, we will be in tune with the essence of commitment and responsibility; hard work and seriousness will reign during these days, and it is not recommended that we confront authority figures. During Wednesday and Thursday, we will be aligned with the idea of ​​freedom, revolution, and daring to be unique. For the weekend, the energetic environment will be conducive to connecting with artistic and spiritual activities, with meditation, prayer, and daydreaming.

Get the best out of the week by raising your consciousness above the influence of the stars!

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