Astrology Forecast for the Month of Pisces 2

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Astrology Forecast for the Month of Pisces 2

Yael Yardeni
March 7, 2019
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We are in for a brand new month of lunar Pisces as New Moon of Adar II is born on Wednesday afternoon of this week! Let’s take a closer look at this new cosmic atmosphere!

"What about our Piscean friends?"

At the birth of the New Moon we witness a record number of water planets and aspects – a total of 9! There is no way we can hide our emotions, nor deny them this month. To the contrary, this is our opportunity to connect with the whole range of feelings and increase our sensitivity to others as five planets are in Pisces.

The strongest astrological house is the ninth: the domain of faith, certainty, and elevated study. This is, indeed, an unbelievable opportunity for all of us to upgrade our spiritual practice and general understanding of the big picture. Interestingly, the two malefics, Saturn and Pluto, are in the seventh house of relationships and associations. So beware, we need a deeper analysis of our environement, as many things will be unearthed and revealed! Get ready for a good water cleansing! At the end of the day, everything will be more clear and genuine in all our connections.

Since Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, it represents the spine of all the months. Its motto is, “I believe.” This whole month is an opportunity to refine our belief systems and stand stronger!

So, what about our Piscean friends?

"Here is our plan of attack for this month."

The symbol says it all: two fish swimming in opposite directions! Indeed, that sounds like controversy – the best and the worst of humans, all at the same time! On one hand, they are the sweetest, most inspired, supportive, charming, and loving people we’ve ever met (ruled by beautiful Jupiter). On the other hand, sometimes they tap into syndrome, and simply disappear from the face of the earth (of course, elusive Neptune co-rules them!)

They often have a dreamy look about them, with big, round eyes filled with great compassion that can melt the thickest ice. The frustration we experience comes from getting a Piscean to move forward. We have a better chance of pushing the oceans to one side of the planet!

Very wise and extremely intelligent people, Pisceans represent the air of the water, hence their strong intellect. In fact, many of them have a superior IQ, but can be quite clueless when it comes to simple life. Einstein, the famous Piscean, was a genius in physics, but was, as the story goes, a bit estranged from this world and better connected to his own galaxy! Pisces is clearly the sign of creativity and invention, also illustrated by Dr Seuss’ well-loved children’s books.

One of the most difficult things for this sign is committing body and soul to life. First, they forget their own commitments. Then, because the sign is double and contradicts itself, one “fish” will undo what the other has started! In fact, one aspect of the self reveals its nature in secret addictions or strong pulls to negativity. That side is likely to be very elusive.

According to tradition, the sign of Christianity is Pisces. The birth of the religion marked the beginning of the age of Pisces – a time when love, kindness, and charitable acts became emphasized.

Great businessmen, Pisceans also make fantastic spies, as they can “swim in many waters.” Some choose politics in an effort to effect change in the world. Note: Pisceans tend to have a strange love-hate relationship with money, with ups and downs. They are not always the most responsible with it. However, some choose to give of themselves and become great philanthropists.

Here is our plan of attack for this month:

  1. Avoid denial and runaway mechanisms.
  2. Genuinely care for others and try not to get depressed by their problems.
  3. Stand up for your positive beliefs .
  4. Live life without anesthetic. (Pisceans are afraid to feel and suffer, hence the denial.)
  5. Finally, learn that happiness is a choice!

Beware of the sensitive Piscean body areas: feet and spine!

Have a wonderful month of Adar II! Chodesh Tov!