Astrology Forecast for February 26-March 4, 2023

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Astrology Forecast for February 26-March 4, 2023

Rachel Itic
February 26, 2023
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This week we are under the lunar energy of the Crescent Quarter. This influence is good for gaining momentum, whether for what we sowed during the New Moon or for a new project or endeavor. It is an excellent time to make decisions, put forth effort, and make things happen. We will experience greater willpower and commitment. This energy is very good for the month of Pisces, offering us precisely what we need: drive and strength.

Pisceans are water signs (definitely the most emotional and spiritual of the zodiac), but they lack self-confidence, commitment, and willpower. It is difficult for them to face reality, so they can easily disconnect and seek escape. That is why the Last Quarter, despite being challenging, helps us confront any obstacle that we do not want to face.

This week, Mercury moves from Aquarius to Pisces, joining the sun and Neptune. This provides the sign with the greatest planetary weight, giving us the opportunity to be more sensitive. In my opinion, this is the position that the world needs most at the moment to encourage kindness, compassion, and empathy towards others.

Currently, the South Node, which marks feelings of loss, is in Scorpio. As Scorpio is a water sign, just like Pisces, it is an emotional sign. This emotionality manifests itself in different ways in each sign, but when mishandled, Scorpio brings an attitude that is not beneficial at this time. The cosmos asks us for more balance and objectivity. It asks us to be focused, and perhaps a little colder, as emotions can cloud our vision. So manage your sensitivity at this time, especially emotions aroused by jealousy, envy, manipulation, and control.

In the heavens, there are two planets that come together this week: Jupiter and Venus. These two celestial bodies are each beneficial in their own way. Jupiter is the planet of good fortune, and Venus is the planet of love, affection, and money. This conjunction (meaning when two planets are in total proximity) will bring benevolence, sympathy, and generosity to our days. With this situation, we need to be very careful not to indulge ourselves. However, the most beneficial aspect available will be the boost of optimism, motivation, and enthusiasm we will receive. This is because these planets are in the sign of Aries, the great warrior, full of energy and desire. Channel that desire towards the Light and towards constructive activities instead of seeking conflict and confrontation.

As for the first days of the week, I recommend meditation, reflection, and actively helping others. Public relations and travel will also benefit. So this is a good time to take leadership positions and bring happiness, hope, and joy to others. Have fun and enjoy a greater capacity of the imagination. In the middle of the week, we will have a boost of energy and feel revitalized. It is an excellent time to exercise and engage in physical activity. The weekend brings us an energy of harmony, which comes with rest, a good meal, and self-care. For example, it may be time to treat yourself to a good massage. We can feel in balance and connected to pleasure at this time.

Beware of impatience and impulsiveness. The decisions that are made during those days are difficult to change since there is an air of stubbornness in the environment.

This week's portion, Tetzaveh, teaches us about the menorah, or candelabra, as well as ways to light it. Lighting the candelabra represents “turning on the Light” within each one of us in order to “turn on the Light” of the entire universe. This is possible when we connect with our own souls and our origins—the Creator. The menorah is a symbol of that Light; when we give, we do not lose but rather increase the revelation of the Light of this world. As our teacher Karen Berg used to say, we came to share and generate more Light, like a candle lighting other candles. This teaching is in affinity with the planetary energy of the week.

With several planets in water, we have the ability to connect more deeply with our souls and with the Creator, as well as with our fellow human beings. By erasing the separation generated by physicality and lighting the world with love, we have all the support we need to rise spiritually this week. Make the most of it.

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