Astrology Forecast for February 12-18, 2023

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Astrology Forecast for February 12-18, 2023

Rachel Itic
February 12, 2023
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This week we are submerged in the energy of Aquarius, as both the sun and the moon are in the sign. On the 19th, our king star changes to the sign Pisces, and on the 20th, the moon also begins a cycle in that same sign. So, for now, let’s outline what we can expect and what energies we should take advantage of in this week of Aquarian energy.

Aquarius is the coldest sign and the most disconnected from their feelings out of all the signs in the entire zodiac. Therefore, during this period, we are all called to make greater efforts to be warm, loving, and sensitive. This is, perhaps, the deepest challenge of this month and of this sign. Within this coldness, Aquarius is connected with the mind—a brilliant mind that has a broad vision (more so than any other sign). You could say they have a genius approach, which is why Aquarius is a sign that generally is not understood by the rest of us. We all have a great opportunity during this period: the ability to understand things out of the ordinary. Under this energy, we can make new discoveries, see the future in a different light, and have a better technological capacity.

The need to help society intensifies, and this is an ideal time to carry out altruistic activities. Under this Aquarian awareness of equality and fraternity, injustice bothers us more, and we may seek to improve social awareness—all in the name of a better world. Use this tool to let go of any selfish attitudes and seek to share.

The sign of Aquarius is rebellious by nature, loves change, and seeks freedom. The great gift this holds for all of us is the ability to identify areas in our lives where we need to free ourselves from old habits, from those klipot, or layers, that do not allow us to grow spiritually. Where do you need change but can't seem to make it happen? Aquarius gives you the push you need to take the first step of change and liberation.

Naturally, this season offers positive aspects but also negative ones. It is possible to fall into extremely insubordinate attitudes and have a tendency to contradict everything and everyone. Beware of this influence.

From February 13th to 20th, the moon is in its waning quarter phase, which is the last one in the sign of Aquarius and during the kabbalistic month of Shevat. This period favors and supports endings, as well as the execution of all kinds of cleansing and purification acts. It is the best time to close relationships, release what no longer serves you, detoxify, and in general, let go. This is a great opportunity to make forceful changes in your life—do not let it pass you by.

The Last Quarter is also an invitation to reflect upon your life since we can reach greater levels of depth. It is the best time to look back and recognize valuable conclusions. Identify opportunities for improvement and identify which direction you need to go as you plan the next month: Pisces. What do you want to start? What new seeds do you want to plant? It is worth mentioning that the following month is about feeling, being empathetic, opening your heart, and connecting spirituality. Choose to begin a project that has to do with this energy.

On Sunday and Monday, we will experience a more emotional vibe than during the rest of the week. These are good days to delve into emotions and relationships. We may seek intimacy and privacy. Despite the emotionality, we can be more hermetic at this time. Be careful of jealousy, envy, and revengeful feelings. Trust that everything is for your greatest good.

Tuesday and Wednesday are days full of energy when we will be filled with great optimism and enthusiasm. This is beneficial for fire signs. Exercise, walking in open spaces, and travel are excellent during these days. Beware of exaggeration and overspending.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are days to set goals and plan how to reach them. It is a time of great productivity and taking action. There is little emotionality at this time, and it is not beneficial to challenge authorities. The energy these days is solemn and serious, so it is an excellent time for work, responsibility, and diligence.

On Sunday, the energy is one of rebellion, change, and doing things differently. You may feel that the mind has greater weight and takes precedence over the heart. It is a social day of intellectual conversations and of being with friends, but be careful because we may lack patience and tolerance. Enjoy connecting with knowledge and challenging your mind.

This week we study the portion of Mishpatim, which shares the laws that regulate the way humans interact as a community. What we have to work on is forgiveness with others. If there is distance between individuals, full connection with the Creator is not achieved. After Matan Torah (the giving of the Torah), the Israelites were instructed in different laws, which constitute the basis for the survival of human civilization. The wise sages say that the world is sustained by virtue of three pillars: justice, truth, and peace. In this last week of Aquarius, this energy can be achieved: a utopia of a better world and social equity. This relationship between individuals guarantees the survival and well-being of the whole. This is the power of this week—seeing things from a place of altruism and group benefit over personal desires.

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