Astrology Forecast for December 4-10, 2022

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Astrology Forecast for December 4-10, 2022

Rachel Itic
December 4, 2022
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We begin the week in the crescent quarter phase of the moon, which began on November 30th and will last until December 7th. This period pushes us to grow and gives us the willpower to carry out our plans and manifest our desires. Although, under this moon, we can still start new things, as we are endowed with a great capacity to create, in addition to being provided with great clarity in terms of decision-making.

This crescent quarter occurs under the energy of the sign of Pisces, which means that there is tension with the sun in Sagittarius. On the one hand, the moon (representing our emotions) being in Pisces makes us much more shy, insecure, dependent, sensitive, and empathetic towards others. On the other hand, the sun in Sagittarius encourages us to see things for ourselves, motivating us to be more free, independent, and extroverted. These two very different energies create a clash that generates tension, helping to push ourselves forward. Finally, what both signs share is their ability to be flexible and adapt since they are mutable signs. I think this is precisely the master key of this week: being flexible and going with the flow.

On the 7th, our satellite reaches the highest point: the Full Moon. This period lasts until the 16th of the month, and from this moment, it is not recommended to begin anything. Rather, it is the time to culminate, reap fruits, and enjoy the profits. Think about letting yourself be seen. Anything related to advertising and social events will benefit. We are in brightness and splendor and can see ourselves illuminated. This moon occurs in Gemini, which further favors the social aspect of the Full Moon. It is time to throw a party and celebrate inaugurations. It’s an incredible moment to let the whole world know about what you’re up to.

Remember that a Full Moon is the opposition of the sun and moon luminaries. That is, they are opposite of each other, and on this occasion, the sun is in Sagittarius, and the moon is in Gemini. These two signs are opposite, but they complement each other. Therefore, this period brings harmony and balance for all of us. Sagittarius seeks individualism, truth, justice, and honesty. While Gemini, on the contrary, is social, shallow, flexible with ideas, and (to put it another way) knows how to accommodate the truth. These energies in the Full Moon complement each other, which also helps us to have more balance this month.

At the beginning of the week, the planets in fire signs have a great influence. But as the days go by, only the domain of the sun remains. Beginning this week, we will feel a lack of fire that normally gives us motivation, energy, enthusiasm, and desire. Together, Mercury (communication) and Venus (love) support this radical change. We will see much more seriousness in our communication and more coldness in matters of the heart as these planets pass into Capricorn, a sign that is serious and rigid in terms of rules. This change will feel abrupt as we go from the cheerful and extroverted Sagittarius to the extremely serious Capricorn. This situation begins to prepare us for the jump to next month: Capricorn.

Mars is still retrograde, which awakens this very aggressive element in all of us. Great strength is required on our part to confront and control this desire. It is very easy to end up in a fight under this energy, so work to restrain it, as it will drive you to the extreme. Many times there will be meaningless fights that you can avoid. We have to wait until January 12th for Mars to move out of this position, so keep calm and look for harmonious ways to reach agreements instead of arguing.

Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces are going to bring a more emotional, sensitive, and spiritual energy to the week. Your sixth sense will sharpen, so take advantage of this wave to meditate, pray, and connect with yourself and the Creator. Beware of hypersensitivity, emotional exaggeration, and an excessively avoidant attitude.

At the end of the week, the reigning energy will be that of the planets, mostly in the sign of Capricorn. Earth signs help us to be more logical, practical, methodical, and realistic. The work and responsibility that these signs bring balance the irresponsibility of Sagittarius very well, helping us to manifest and make the effort to reach our goals.

This Monday and Tuesday, we will experience a tendency to seek balance and stability. Try to enjoy everything around you. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are excellent for socializing, going out, and being with friends. On Saturday and Sunday, family activities and tasks related to the home are favored. Think about decorating the house and tidying it up.

In the portion of this week, Vayishlach, Jacob prepares to meet his brother Esav after years of not seeing him and having stolen his birthright. Esav was just as angry as when the two brothers separated while Jacob prayed, sent messengers, and prepared for war. This is the perfect advice for this week since we have that spiritual connection to communicate with the Creator, asking for the strength to avoid confrontation and aggression. This week send blessings to the person with whom you have a conflict. Imagine that meeting as you would carry it out with love, delicacy, respect, and diplomacy. It must be remembered that Sagittarius is excessively honest and direct, and retrograde Mars is very confrontational. Jacob teaches us to look for a way to resolve things on a much more spiritual level.

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