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A Time to Open Your Heart

Karen Berg
January 11, 2021
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This article was previously published in 2016.

Welcome to the month of Aquarius.  We call this sign "dli" in Hebrew, meaning “bucket.” The symbol for Aquarius is the water bearer, and the month of Aquarius itself is like a collator: It takes all that exists or existed, past and present, and brings it together as a whole.

What do I mean by this?

Well, we know that the Torah is composed of the five books of Moses. The fifth book was completed in the month of Aquarius: Moses finished his work in this month before passing away on the 7th of Pisces.

Kabbalistically, we understand that these five books of Moses are not just books in a physical sense, but rather a wellspring of enormous spiritual energy and light. Because of what occurred in this period of time, we, too, can access this energy of culmination and completion during this month; energy we can use for projects, relationships, or anything else we are dealing with.

Aquarians themselves are wonderful, charitable people. They love organizations, and they are defenders of justice for all things. When they become servants, when they fill the dli, or bucket, with the water that it is supposed to be filled with, then they serve the true purpose of being an Aquarius in this lifetime. This is because water represents Chesed, or mercy, and ideally, Aquarians are the servants of mankind. They are the doers and shakers, the people who make things happen in the big picture.

And yet, while Aquarians are great at working for the greater cause, they can sometimes have difficulty when it comes to personal matters, particularly in the areas of intimacy and emotions. Because of all of the things they do, and because they busy themselves so much with the world, whether on purpose or even not on purpose, they sometimes find themselves very much alone. They can become so consumed with matters that are around them and with everything that is so important in the big picture that at the end of the day, they look back and say, “How? What did I do? I mean, I’ve done so many things, but how come I don’t feel it?”

One of the biggest difficulties that Aquarians have is finding their emotional base-- opening up their heart, and being capable of understanding themselves and others on a deep or personal level. This sounds like a simple thing, but I know many people who run around all day sharing, being busy, and doing for others; yet at the same time, their heart isn’t open at all. They may be open to working for a cause. They may be capable of doing something for the whole. But it is very difficult to do something for themselves or to allow others to do something for them because their heart isn’t open to this kind of exchange.

Since we are all affected by the energy of this month, our goal is quite simply to do our spiritual work with an open heart: to share with an open heart, to care with an open heart, to work with love, to feel the energy of the person next to us, and to focus on the small picture while we accomplish our big-picture goals.

You will find that this month is a time of rebirth, not only for Aquarians, but for the world. If you look around you, you’ll come to see that we have entered a paradigm shift. More and more people are waking up to the spiritual energy that exists. Changes are underway. The more chaos we see around us, and the more dust is being shaken out of the cosmic carpet, so to speak, the closer we are to the end of this darkness. And the only thing that can hasten this process is our own ability, as individuals and as a collective, to be servants of the Light, living our lives with consciousness and with open hearts.

This is our challenge for this month, and fulfilling this challenge is what will bring us forward together to heal the world and make it a better place for all.

Comments 6