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A Holy Union

Karen Berg
June 16, 2024
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This article was previously published in 2018.

For most of us, the time comes when we desire to find that special someone to share our lives. I have always believed that we are more able to draw our soulmates into our lives when we recognize that we cannot accomplish all of our spiritual work alone. When humility is cultivated, a desire for a partner stirs deep within the soul. Humility is the awareness that we were not meant to traverse this life alone, and that we all can use a little help along the way. Until we are open to the truth that we need others, we cannot really create the needed space for our “other half" to enter. When we are open to seeing that it takes two sets of hands to build a life, the desire to find our partner emerges. The partnership I am speaking of, though, is not necessarily limited to another physical person. The greater partnership, that I am also referring to, is the partnership with the Creator. The Creator is our quiet, and often times silent, life mate and partner. We rely upon the Creator and His Light force every moment of the day. We may think it is ourselves alone sailing our ships, but it is indeed the wind of the Creator which fills our sails. This week, we are given the gift of humility to know we depend on the Creator’s Light. We build a greater desire for this partnership. For only when we recognize that we require help, do we create the space for such help to enter. When we create an opening, the Light always immediately rushes in to join us. Whether that Light comes to us in the form of a spouse, soulmate, partner or miracle, all partnerships are made in Heaven to help us on our journey. We were sent here to walk our own paths in life, but we are certainly moved to hold another’s hand along the way.

"A desire for a partner stirs deep within the soul."

This week, our cosmic guide is the portion of Beha’alotcha. Beha’alotcha in Hebrew means “when you cause to ascend.” This is referring to Aaron lighting the holy menorah in the Tabernacle. The menorah drew down the Creator’s Light to the Israelites and to the world. It was another tool to create our Holy Partnership with the Creator. The menorah was a vehicle to create this perfect and holy union with the Light force. Every successful person will tell you that they did not achieve their greatness alone. Indeed, behind every great man is a great woman, and behind us there is always the Creator supporting and giving us the guidance, strength, and miracles we need to reach the fulfillment we seek. Even the construction of the menorah itself was a feat that Moses himself could not do alone. The Creator showed Moses the vision of how to construct the Menorah and assisted him in the process. This week’s portion and energy in the cosmos softens our hearts and opens our minds to see the need to unite with Divinity. The union with the Creator is that silent, but necessary, partnership we need to achieve our goals and reach our dreams. We only need to be open to hearing the messages sent from Him and the willingness to take the actions in that direction. In addition, this portion beautifully describes the way the Creator would instruct the Israelites to travel through the desert. The Bible tells us, “And whenever the cloud was taken up from over the Tent, then after that the children of Israel journeyed; and in the place where the cloud settled, there the children of Israel encamped.” Just like the children of Israel, our Partner sends us signs of our next step, but only if we are open to the answers can we hear Him. Sometimes the answer is not what we wish to hear, so we pretend we hear nothing at all.

"The Creator extends His hands to us."

There are times we may find ourselves struggling in life, because we refuse to let the needed help in. Pride can shut others out, because we may be afraid to be vulnerable or in need. But humility teaches us that we all need help. Even Moses needed help. It is the help from our teachers, neighbors, spouses, partners, friends, and most importantly, help from the Creator upon which we depend. We may think we are brilliant, but our vision and abilities are limited. Our greatest plans can often fall apart, and it is during these times we turn to the Creator to put the pieces back together again. Allowing the space in our hearts and minds for the Light of the Creator to enter is the allowing for our blessings to manifest. Extending our hand out to the Creator is the partnership we need for success and the ability to connect to the Flawless Universe where there is no chaos. Walking alone as we build our careers and lives may at first seem like a great idea, but eventually we all find ourselves at a roadblock with difficulties that even the most brilliant minds cannot solve. It is then at desperation do we seek help. But wouldn’t it have been better to have joined forces with the Creator before we got to that point? This week, the Creator extends His hands to us. All we need is the willingness and desire to reach out and grab them.

This week in your meditations, see yourself on a beautiful warm beach. The light pink sun rises over the dark blue ocean. You walk along the beach, ready to face the day. Then suddenly, you feel the warmth and touch of another person take your hand. It could be the hand of the Creator. It could be the hand of your guardian angel or your true love. The two of you clasp hands and you feel a renewed sense of strength, security, and certainty. Together, you both walk this world as a team; a holy union that is made in Heaven. Like an angel sent from above, you both draw blessings into each other’s lives and into the entire world.

I am reminded of the fable of the man who was asked by the Creator to push a rock. Every day the man pushed the rock, but to no avail, he could not move it. A great time had passed and the man sought the Creator. With a defeated heart, he weeps to the Creator that he was unable to achieve the task set out for him. For he had not managed to move the rock. The Creator replied, “My child, I asked you to only push the rock. It is I who shall move it.”

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