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A Beautiful Light

Karen Berg
September 22, 2022
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This article on the month of Libra was previously published in 2018.

Welcome to the month of Libra! 

We have arrived at the month famous for its powerful holidays, known as the “High Holidays.” In fact, it is the month with the most holidays of the entire year. A month filled with so many cosmic events, it will hint to us right from the start that we are entering a special and extremely elevated 30 days. The month of Libra is a time of far lighter energy than compared to the heavy scrutiny of the previous month of Virgo. Libra is an air sign and ruled by the planet of beauty, Venus. This is a time of Light, beauty, and wisdom. We have a once-a-year opportunity to connect to the purest and most elevated source of all energy. It is a time of wholeness and the start of a brand new year. Like the ground of a fresh snow fall where no one has yet walked, the slates of our lives are cleared and are without imperfection. The month of Libra contains a beautiful Light shining from the highest of realms. We bask this month in the Light as we are provided with holiday after holiday, cosmic events designed to assist our spiritual journey. A month of Light that presents the energy required for the entire year ahead. Libra offers us the experience of a true and brand new beginning. The past is gone. We only see the beauty and perfection of the present with a future where anything indeed is possible. 

"This first month is the energy source for the entire year."

This month, we connect to the Aramaic letters Pei and Lamed that created the ruling planet Venus and the constellation Libra, respectively. Lamed is the only letter that is written above the writing line, showing us our source energy for the month is truly coming from the highest of levels. This is not surprising as the Light we receive now, in this first month of the Hebrew calendar, is the energy source for the entire year. A month that has the responsibility to provide the world with enough energy to sustain itself for the next 12 months must be derived from a powerhouse of energy. In the case of Libra, we tap the Upper World and draw the beautiful Light from the dimension known as Binah. Binah is our reservoir of life. It is the energy storehouse of our universe, consciousness, and the source of all good and blessings. Throughout the year we do not connect to Binah directly, but through spiritual filters that act to diminish its Light and power. However, in the month of Libra, we connect directly to Binah. As a result, we are bestowed the gifts of major cosmic events that sustain us and prepare us for our lives in the coming year.

We have Rosh Hashanah, the head of the year, that occurs at the new moon. It is the actual seed of thought consciousness of the whole year. At Rosh Hashanah, we have the opportunity to purify our past actions and bypass any karmic restraints preventing negativity in the coming year. About 10 days later, we have what is said to be the holiest day of the year, Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur means Day of Atonement, or "at-one-ment." On this day, we connect to Binah directly, recharging our batteries for the next 12 months. We unite with the Creator, elevating our spiritual DNA and supporting us in connecting to our Divine Spark within. During the full moon of the month, we have the cosmic event of Sukkot, where we feast on the spiritual energy of our potential, as well as protection for our year ahead. Removing negativity, recharging our spirits, and activating our potential for the year is a process that lasts for 21 days. On the 22nd day, falling near the end of the month, we arrive at the final holiday of Libra, Simchat Torah — which means “rejoicing of the Torah.” It is then we connect to the joy of our completed soul-work and to the joy of our future blessings. The month of Libra is rich with the power of renewal that the Creator has given to us to ensure the best possible year ahead. It assists us in the development of our soul here on earth. We have been on this earth many times. In each incarnation, we further mature our soul towards its destiny of becoming like the Creator, its origin and spiritual Father. Like a child growing a little more each year, we continue on the path of a soul evolution. Libra is our gift towards this process and our greatest advantage in achieving this goal.

"I pray for a year of peace and harmony for the entire world."

The next 30 days is a period where we soar in the clouds of perfection in the Upper Worlds, flying high above the physicality of the Lower Worlds. This beautiful constant source of Light is the reason our fellow Librans possess the gifts of wisdom and harmony. In a world where everything is good, how can one decide the next step to take when every path appears to be equal in blessing? This is the root behind the Libran’s main, and perhaps only, flaw: the inability to make a decision. When we do not know the next step to take, Rav Berg would remind us to take no step at all and allow the Light to show the way. Rising above our own logic and control, it is the connection to the wisdom of the Creator, occurring naturally this month, that if the Libran learns to implement, will assist him in ending the seemingly endless indecisiveness, thus affording him authentic spiritual action.

I wish for every soul on earth the blessings available this month. A gift from the Creator, a most beautiful Light that is our great advantage in assisting us to further connect to the Divine Spark within. A beautiful Light that grants us with the needed internal changes to ensure a blessed year ahead. It is my prayer that we, our family, and our friends are written in the Book of Life for the coming year. I pray for a year of peace and harmony for the entire world. In gratitude and humility for the month of Libra, a precious gift from the Creator, we arrive a little closer to fulfilling our deepest and most profound mission on earth: acting with love, care, and human dignity to one another. 

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