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30 Days of Virgo

Kabbalah Centre
August 15, 2023
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The Zohar explains that the more you prepare your soul during the month leading up to Rosh Hashanah, the greater your blessings in the year to follow.

According to Kabbalah, a person's vessel for receiving energy in the coming year is based on that person's consciousness during the last month of the closing year. By taking the time in the month of Virgo (Elul) to pay attention to details, get in touch with our God-like nature, and notice the effect our behavior has on others, we can ensure that our New Year will be filled with the right energy and the right situations.

The Kabbalah Centre has created this daily guide for you to use over the next few weeks. These exercises are a powerful way to create the amazing, chaos-resistant life you were put on this earth to have.

Even though the month of Virgo is 29 days on the kabbalistic calendar each year, we begin this process on the New Moon of Virgo on the last day of the month of Leo making it a 30-day journey of transformation.

Read them slowly, more than once, and put them to use. If questions arise (and they will if you are doing your preparation properly), feel free to reach out to your teacher (or call 1-800-KABBALAH to speak with one).

*The dates below refer to 2023. The Month of Elul is based on the lunar calendar and as such falls on different dates each year.

Wednesday, August 16 – Day 1 (New Moon of Virgo)

We are often our worst enemies and harshest critics. Self-doubt and self-hatred can be some of our biggest obstacles in life.

See only the good within yourself today. When you focus on what's right, you'll notice how much easier it becomes to love yourself.

Remember only the good.

Thursday, August 17 – Day 2 (Elul 1)

Pick one person today whom you love dearly and find a way to do something special for them, something that lets them know how much you love them. When you share Light with another, you increase the Light in the world.

Friday, August 18 – Day 3 (Elul 2)

What do you want to manifest this year? A new job? A good friend? Focus on one thingand imagine it’s already yours. How does it feel? Recall these good feelings throughout the day. The energy you send out by doing this will attract the right people and situations into your life.

Saturday, August 19 – Day 4 (Elul 3)

Call a good friend and ask them what they think you need to improve. No matter how difficult their answer may be to hear, thank them for their honesty. Now consider the steps you can take towards self-improvement.

Sunday, August 20 – Day 5 (Elul 4)

Every obstacle you have with another person is an obstacle between you and the Light. As diplomatically as possible, approach some of these people and let them know that if you have hurt or offended them, you are sincerely sorry. Understand why they feel hurt and accept that you caused their pain – don’t make excuses. Whether or not they accept the apology, your willingness to humble yourself reveals the Light for you both.

Monday, August 21 – Day 6 (Elul 5)

Take note of one improvement in someone close to you and let them know that you have noticed the change.

Tuesday, August 22 – Day 7 (Elul 6)

Gratitude and appreciation are some powerful antidotes to being depressed, unhappy, and unfulfilled.

When you are busy looking at the good, especially the good others have done for you, your attention shifts away from what you lack. What are some of the things you are grateful for in your life?

Wednesday, August 23 – Day 8 (Elul 7)

Our consciousness and behavior create our lived experiences. Today, plant positive seeds by showing unrequited kindness to as many people as possible.

Thursday, August 24 – Day 9 (Elul 8)

Go out of your comfort zone by being extra patient and loving with every person you meet today.

Friday, August 25 – Day 10 (Elul 9)

Look within yourself and see if you can remember any emotionally-charged events from your past that you are afraid to confront. Those old movies have a tendency to repeat themselves until they are addressed.

Saturday, August 26 – Day 11 (Elul 10)

Don't answer any criticisms today; just quietly note the comments, no matter what people say to you.

Sunday, August 27 – Day 12 (Elul 11)

Practice active listening. Resist interrupting with your opinion. Maintain eye contact and really listen.

Monday, August 28 – Day 13 (Elul 12)

Surprise a friend or family member with something they love the most.

Tuesday, August 29 – Day 14 (Elul 13)

Life is a paradox. If you want to be loved, give love. If you want appreciation, appreciate others. This is the best way to get what you really want.

Practice this today – focus on what you want and see if you can give it to others first.

Wednesday, August 30 – Day 15 (Elul 14)

Sensitivity is today's motto: Look closely at the people around you; try to see beneath the surface. Ask yourself, "What are they feeling? How can I help?"

Thursday, August 31 – Day 16 (Elul 15)

Sometimes, some of the negative incidents from our past were actually blessings in disguise because they pushed us towards changes that we would not have made without the pain of said incidents. Meditate today on cleansing the past; see if you can picture a specific incident that actually turned out to be a blessing.

Friday, September 1 – Day 17 (Elul 16)

Do an act of sharing without making it known that you are the one responsible.

Saturday, September 2 – Day 18 (Elul 17)

How do you get unstuck? By sharing and thinking of others. Think about how you can help. Maybe it's as simple as really listening to someone.

Sunday, September 3 – Day 19 (Elul 18)

Kabbalists stress the importance of never forgetting a good deed someone has done for you. Recall someone who helped you out in a major way but with whom you are no longer in contact. Find a way to do something nice for them. If it isn't possible, then send them loving thoughts.

Monday, September 4 – Day 20 (Elul 19)

The kabbalists teach when we don’t take the opportunity to say something positive or do a positive action, it can have the same impact as speaking or acting negatively. Today, look out for the opportunities to make a positive impact you may otherwise have missed, and seize the chance to reveal that Light!

Tuesday, September 5 – Day 21 (Elul 20)

Do you love yourself? Don't be afraid to appreciate yourself and the uniqueness that is you. If the Light created you and put all this energy into you, you must be something special.

Wednesday, September 6 – Day 22 (Elul 21)

Pick one person who hurt you in your past and ask yourself if you can find it in your heart to forgive them. Yes, it is hard to let go of painful memories, but you are only hurting yourself by holding a grudge.

Thursday, September 7 – Day 23 (Elul 22)

Focus on one area in your life where you are not exactly acting like your best self. Decide now that you are going to change it.

Friday, September 8 – Day 24 (Elul 23)

The fulfillment you seek is a reality that’s happening right now. The truth is where you are right now is exactly where you need to be. Don’t procrastinate. Decide what you want and take action.

Saturday, September 9 – Day 25 (Elul 24)

If you're human, then you sometimes get angry with your friends and family. Unfortunately, anger and resentment lead to broken relationships. It is only in retrospect that you regret letting silly fights separate you.

Pick at least one person in your life with whom you've become estranged. Remember what it is you love about that person and reach out to them. Life is too short to let petty arguments keep you from the people who mean the most to you.

Sunday, September 10 – Day 26 (Elul 25)

When was the last time you made a new friend? Most of us have trouble getting to know people because we overly judge strangers.

Today, focus on meeting someone new. Practice seeing beyond the physical appearance and directly into the soul.

Monday, September 11 – Day 27 (Elul 26)

There is a force at play whose singular mission is to stop us from finishing the job.

As you go through your day, pay attention to the moments you feel like quitting. Push yourself to go a little longer than you think you can.

Tuesday, September 12 – Day 28 (Elul 27)

Kabbalists say that when you hurt another person, you are really hurting yourself.

Think of one person you hurt in your life. Feel the pain you caused them. In your mind and heart, ask the person to forgive you. If it feels right, contact that person and apologize.

Wednesday, September 13 – Day 29 (Elul 28)

Sometimes we cling to our opinions even when they are wrong.

Today, practice releasing your stubbornness and your need to be right. Even when you know you are right, let it go.

Thursday, September 14 – Day 30 (Elul 29)

Everyone is guilty of giving unsolicited advice at one time or another. Pay attention today to your addiction of giving advice. Practice listening more and offering your opinions less.

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