Weekly Astrology Forecast for May 17-23, 2020

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for May 17-23, 2020

Yael Yardeni
Maggio 17, 2020
Mi piace Commenti Condividi

As we are slowly closing the month of lunar Taurus, let’s discover our weekly opportunities!

This week is, by far, one of the most elusive of the whole lunar month. Five planets are in dense Earth, the sun is in fixed Taurus, and three planets are in retrograde motion—Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter. From our point of view on Earth, it seems these planets are trying to run away from us! Even our communication feels a bit strange. The third house of communication is afflicted by Saturn in Aquarius, while Mercury is already in Gemini, along with Venus and the North node. In addition, the moon is in Pisces, conjunct with Neptune, and soon will be with Mars! We feel something should be happening, a shift of some sort in the cosmos, but we don’t know what yet. Something bigger than us is cooking, and we may all feel uncertain about how to proceed.

How do we make the best of the current circumstances?

The cosmic advice for all of us lies in the following two key ideas: to seek (rising Scorpio), and to seriously prepare ourselves for different scenarios. Upon a closer look, we realize that the chart contains many mutable planets to support ashift in attitude and behavior. In fact, we have an unbelievable opportunity to surprise ourselves this whole week, even if everything has to be virtual for the time being.

As we have discussed before, the time period of the Omer conceals the Light. The Light, or the energy, hides away, so we can work at revealing it on our own. As kabbalists teach, during the Omer, it’s inadvisable to start anything per se, although it’s completely okay to pursue ventures. This advice is valid until the “wholly-day” of Shavuot (Thursday night of May 28th until Friday the 29th of May).

A very positive feature this week is the moon, placed in Pisces to deliver understanding and inspiration, even in this heavy time. Additionally, we will notice that Saturn in Aquarius opens us up to a brand new way of thinking. We can remain hopeful that this new flow of energy will counterbalance the heaviness we all feel. On a practical level, we should sit down, research new ideas, create balanced systems in both life and work, thoroughly prepare protocols for projects (Virgo MC!), and activate the whole lot in lunar Gemini.

The cosmic energy is encouraging us to conceive, preplan, and create blueprints to be activated later next month. It’s also a great time to take care of our health and restrict overindulgent behavior. The fruits of all our efforts will be seen a little later! Next week, many highlights and positive time zones will be available for us to download.