The Kabbalah Centre’s 2022 Annual ‘Gratitude Report’

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The Kabbalah Centre’s 2022 Annual ‘Gratitude Report’

Kabbalah Centre
Novembre 8, 2023
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Annual Gratitude Report

Dear friends,

During difficult times as these, as we witness the crisis unfolding in Israel and the Middle East, it is essential for us to reflect on the good we have and the gratitude we share for one another. Whether it be our health, the support we receive from friends and family, or just the many small blessings we experience on a daily basis.

For us, we are extremely grateful for the amazing Kabbalah Centre community we’ve cultivated through the years, especially now as tensions rise and devastating conflict continues. Each and every one of you has had an important hand in building the Centre into what it is today and has helped reflect more Light in the world. We deeply appreciate your generosity, your time and effort, and your dedication to creating a better world for us all, even in the face of such adversity. Your commitment gives us hope during these times that change is possible when we connect to the Light.

With that said, we're excited to share with you the newly named ‘Gratitude Report’ for 2022. As Kabbalah teaches, one’s thoughts and intentions are crucial components of living a spiritual life, and as such we want our positivity to permeate every corner of our organization. Therefore, we have renamed the report to tap into the powerful energy of appreciation and further acknowledge all that you do to bring Light to this world. We think our emphasis on gratitude more accurately reflects our essence and feelings as an organization.

Inside the 2022 Gratitude Report, you can find details on how your donations are revealing Light around the world. Also included is an update from our CFO, Angelo Federico, on our activities so far in 2023. In 2022, the Centre succeeded in reaching more new students than ever before and sharing even more Zohars. We’ve expanded the Roots Youth Program for kids and teens, creating even more new avenues for young people to explore their spirituality. We’ve also continued to support communities in need all over the world, providing necessities and bringing Light to people in difficult circumstances. We’ve published an array of inspiring new books, including Monica and Abigail’s tremendous “The Gift of Being Different,” an inspiring story that is helping countless children recognize their superpowers and believe in themselves. There are so many more amazing initiatives you’ll see within the 2022 Gratitude Report.

Your continued support is what makes this work possible. You help us open our doors to study, share, and transform lives and help to grow our diverse, vibrant, one-of-a-kind community. When we begin with a foundation of appreciation, we can build our desire to create a vessel for renewed commitment and strength to go beyond the sharing and transformation we’ve done this past year. Thank you for truly embracing the central tenet of The Kabbalah Centre’s mission: to share.


Michael & Monica Berg

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