Astrology Forecast for October 4-10, 2020

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Astrology Forecast for October 4-10, 2020

Yael Yardeni
Ottobre 4, 2020
Mi piace Commenti Condividi

Here we are about to start a brand-new cycle. We are ready for a new year! Surprisingly, this week’s chart contains much earth, with a total of six planets, a moon in Taurus, conjunct Uranus, Venus in Virgo, and the chart’s MC in Capricorn. Due to the Taurus heaviness of the week, it seems we are moving very slowly. It appears, in fact, that our lives are moving in slow motion right before our very eyes. You may even feel a little stuck and rather uncomfortable.

The cosmos wants us to realize a very important lesson, which has a lot to do with a current worldly trend. Let’s face it, we really appreciate instant relief. Thanks to technological advances, we can travel in seconds to different parts of the world via Skype, email, Zoom, text messaging, etc. Everything is so readily available that we forget to cultivate gratitude for what we already have, since on a moment’s notice, we are already onto the next thing, and then the next.

Our teacher, Karen Berg, wisely said many times, "We are called human BEINGS, not human DOINGS!" This week, we are taught to slow down. All four earth planets are creating a sort of vortex to help us rethink life, rethink our future. This isn’t about becoming a dreamer all of a sudden. Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter are all in Capricorn, keeping us focused on reality and the responsibilities of life. This week, it’s time to get back to basics—to come back to the beginning and recreate ourselves, rebuild new desires, or a new vessel, as the kabbalists teach.

Along with that, another cosmic lesson is made available: appreciation, especially in the domain of love and relationships, since Venus takes a critical turn in Virgo. It’s now time to take a closer look at your partners in life, close friends, or even your community. Who makes up your inner circle? How often do you take people for granted or overlook them? Have you really earned their love? Are you still investing in them and giving your heart to them? Or, at least, are you reaching out of your comfort zone? What we don’t continuously earn is impossible to keep.

Our homework for the coming week (at the very least) is to value who and what we have in our lives. The time has come to reinvent a better self with more patience and love. It is a very Venusian chart, indeed! On the menu for the week: new beginnings, renewal, and deeper connections with our soul families, generally reestablishing love all around.

We should also meditate on the 72 Name, Kaf Lamed Yud, to renew our vessel and desire.


Have a wonderful week!