Counting the Omer 2021: Week 5

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Counting the Omer 2021: Week 5

Kabbalah Centre
Aprile 23, 2021
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Road to Transformation:

Get out your running shoes! The Omer is a marathon of cosmic cleansing. Kabbalah teaches us that during these forty-nine days following Pesach, we need to take great care in ridding all negative influences from every area of our lives. After Pesach, we begin anticipating Shavuot, the next holiday and in essence the conclusion of Pesach. Pesach was a free connection. The Omer is the work we do to earn the Light of Pesach and Shavuot. We cleanse ourselves by counting the days of the Omer until Shavuot's arrival. The Omer is counted from the second night of Pesach through the night before Shavuot. It is best to count the Omer at nightfall; however, one may count at any time throughout the night.

Over the seven weeks we have the opportunity to break open klipot (negative shells) from within our being, releasing the Light that has been trapped by our own choices. Yes, the extraction process may be painful. But the benefits of releasing the trapped sparks of Light are more than worth it.

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Week 5 - Correcting the Sefira of Hod

About Hod

Tree of Life

Hod translates as "glory." Hod, analogous to the egg in human conception, begins the materialization of that which was held solely in potential in Chesed and Netzach, much as the woman gives birth to that which has been conceived in conjunction with the male fertilizing principle. Hod also controls voluntary processes and left-brain activities, channeling the practicality of Gevurah into the human psyche. As Netzach is the artist, Hod is the scientist, the logician, the math whiz, and the certified public accountant in the brown tweed suit.

Consciousness for Week 5 by Karen Berg

This week is all about humility and remembering that everything we have was given to us by the Creator for a greater purpose. Focus on making yourself small this week so you can truly discover your greatness.

Day 29, April 25 - 26, 2021
Today is the energy of Loving-kindness in Humility. As difficult as things can be, the Creator always gives us something good in our particular situation. Today, as tough as it seems, see the blessing you have been given. Now share it.

Day 30, April 26 - 27, 2021
Today is the energy of Discipline in Humility. It is our nature to feel that we are right, that only we understand and that no one else sees what we see. Today really know and remember that what we understand and see is very limited and only 1% of reality. There is a bigger picture out there that we don't see.

Day 31, April 27 - 28, 2021
Today is the energy of Compassion in Humility. There is always a reason why people are the way they are. When you see someone behaving badly, there is a reason, and if you walked in their shoes you might be behaving just the way they are. Just for today, walk in the other person's shoes.

Day 32, April 28 - 29, 2021
Today is the energy of Endurance in Humility. Think of something that will remind you of your smallness. Maybe it is an affirmation of how grand the universe is, or how perfect a flower is, something that is personal for you, that you can use every day for the next year to remind you that in relation to God we are but a spec.

Day 33, April 29 - 30, 2021 - Lag Ba'Omer
Today is the energy of Humility in Humility. Prayer is a way for us to acknowledge the Creator and remember that we are not entitled to anything we have. We take many of the gifts the Creator has given us for granted — we feel we are entitled to walk, to talk, to see, to hear. Today pray for the ability to acknowledge that everything is a gift from the Creator.

Day 34, April 30 - May 1, 2021
Today is the energy of Bonding in Humility. True friendship is a gift and a wonderful tool to maintain humility. Focus on building a true friendship — knock gently on another's heart and be grateful for the chance to look inside. Friendship is respectful, so allow him or her to be themselves.

Day 35, May 1 - 2, 2021
Today is the energy of Nobility in Humility. One day a man called out a slanderous comment to King David. As his guards moved to put the man in his place, King David said, "Leave him be, if he is saying this to me then I am meant to hear it." The greatest measure of humility is knowing that the Creator is the voice behind everything we hear. Today listen to what the Creator is telling you.

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