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Study Path

This study path contains six classes, as well as optional follow-up work for each class; reflection questions to help you internalize the wisdom, and 'thought into action' prompts to help you apply what you're learning to create real, meaningful change in your life.

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Your Journey:


Weeks 1–2

Explore the potent influence your thoughts have on your reality and why it is essential to practice reinforcing your positive thoughts – while not giving gravitas to the negative ones. Tune in to take a deep dive into the power of your thoughts and how by changing them, you can change your consciousness and, in turn, your reality.

Optional Lightwork  

Question: Where in your life have you reached the point of giving up or have noticed yourself frequently considering giving up? How can you persevere forward with the consciousness you learned in these classes? What will be your new motto or affirmation in continuing on?

Thought Into Action: For the next week or two, practice catching your negative thoughts immediately as they come. Notice how the mind wants to create an entire story from one thought. Practice not indulging your mind in these moments. Simply let the thought pass without giving it energy and consciously choose a new thought to embrace, so the mind doesn’t try to revisit the negative thought. Observe what happens as you give individual negative thoughts less time and energy.

Weeks 3–4

The way we experience fear is the difference between leading a life of purpose and joy or a life of disappointment and stagnation. We do not need to learn to live with fear or find ways to cope with it, but instead to live fearlessly and to our highest aspirations. You have the ability to eliminate fear from your reality. In this lesson, you will hear personal experiences on fear and gain tools for transforming your fears completely.

Optional Lightwork  

Question: What would you do if fear was not holding you back? Get specific. What fear is holding you back most in your life right now? How is this fear hurting you, and how is it serving you? Do you realize the illusion of how it is serving you?

Thought Into Action: For the next week or two, focus on the main fear challenging you in your life right now. How is this fear hurting you, and how is it serving you? Dig deeper into the illusion of how it is serving you. Commit to uncovering the belief system driving this fear so you can uproot it for good. For example, if you are afraid of rejection, you may have a deeply rooted belief that if you’re rejected, you will disappear, you will be insignificant. This belief can be transformed and replaced with an empowering belief, such as rejection is a natural part of life, my life has infinite value, I have unique gifts to offer the world, etc.

Weeks 5–6

Every challenge is just a shadow to the ego’s influence causing it, and fighting challenges all day is as effective as trying to catch a shadow itself. In this session, discover the single most unconventional yet effective method to solve all challenges while allowing the universe to fight for you.

Optional Lightwork  

Question: Where in your life right now can you shift from blame to taking responsibility (energetically) even if it feels illogical?

Thought Into Action: For the next week or two, practice responding to every external “problem” vertically as opposed to horizontally. Notice how problems resolve differently when approached vertically.

Weeks 7–8

As you study from chapter 2 of the Gate of Reincarnations by Rav Isaac Luria, you are encouraged to see beyond the scope of the physical reality to really appreciate this world and the gift of life.

Optional Lightwork  

Question: Where in your spiritual work right now are you lacking commitment? For instance, applying restriction, transformation sharing, studying, setting intentions, etc.? How can you commit to this area of spiritual work with full effort?

Thought Into Action: For the next week or two, practice catching yourself when you fall into the “always” and “never” syndrome. Notice how your consciousness is affected when you entertain the “always” and “never” syndrome. Try to catch your thoughts and redirect them towards a more balanced state. Notice what possibilities open up when you let go of “always” and “never.”

Weeks 9–10

In this very deep class, learn how you can receive the Light, blessings and benefits that are meant to come to you, and experience miracles by expressing the essence of your soul. Explore the relationship between body and soul; how it relates to your every day existence.

Optional Lightwork  

Question: What self-defeating thoughts does your Opponent typically bombard you with? Can you pinpoint the main thought that your Opponent uses most? For example, “you messed up again, see, you’re a failure.”

Thought Into Action: For the next week or two, every time a self-defeating thought arises, remind yourself of your soul's mission. Remind yourself of the higher, soul-based goals you have for yourself.

Weeks 11–12

Though it isn’t always easy to spot them, Kabbalah teaches that every day is filled with miracles. You can choose to become blinded by cynicism or feel convinced that miracles are simply happy coincidences. The challenge, however, lies in believing in your ability to make space for miracles to enter your life. In this lesson, learn how to attract miracles into your life and appreciate them fully.

Optional Lightwork  

Question: What are the miracles that already exist in your life right now? What are the miracles that happened to you today? Write down everything. There is no such thing as a small or insignificant miracle.

Thought Into Action: For the next week or two, focus on transforming one aspect of your nature that you're aware needs to change but haven't fully faced head-on yet. As you work on this aspect of your nature, remind yourself the internal miracle of transformation is what will ignite miracles in your environment.

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