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Dear Friends and Community,

It is with a heavy heart that we share with you that this morning in the moment of sunrise, on the death anniversary of the Seer of Lublin, my mother Karen chose to leave this physical world and join with the Rav and all of the tzadikim.

While we are filled with overwhelming sadness, pain and loss, we also know that she is happy now to be embraced once again by her soulmate, the Rav, and surrounded by all the tzadikim.

In this moment, I remember a conversation we had a few weeks ago. My mother said: “I will do what I can to stay in this world, but if not I have had a full and meaningful life.” I believe she knew that those words do not express all that she has done. My mother, Karen, changed the world. She gave millions of people, her family, chevre, students and friends, life and love. We can never repay her but I know that all that she has given us will sustain us forever.

Thank you to all of our friends for your support and love in this time.

With great pain and greater love,