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Rising Again

Karen Berg
February 13, 2022
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This article on the portion of the week was originally published in 2019.

We are human beings, but perhaps more accurately, we are human-becomings. We were not born perfect, and the Creator does not intend for us to ever become perfect. The Creator knows that in life we will make mistakes and we will fall. Just as when a child learns to walk, falling is part of the process. We should never be afraid of mistakes. The human experience is built upon the fact that we will make them. Just like winter that leads to spring, our falls lead to our rising. With every exhalation, an inhalation will follow. The night will always precede the day. This is the system the Creator made for us, and we should never be ashamed to be in it. We were born to make mistakes. We were also born to learn from them in order to continue higher on our spiritual path, become wiser and better. This week, the cosmos offers us the wisdom of knowing and accepting our mistakes, and the strength to rise after we have fallen. We are given love that empowers us to stand up and continue on our journey. We are sent, this week, the clarity to understand that our mistakes are a part of life. We are blessed with the self-love and positive outlook required to pick ourselves up and to rise again.

"The cosmos offers the strength to rise after we have fallen."

Our portion to help us on our journey this week, is the portion of Ki Tisa. Moses had been with the Creator for almost 40 days and 40 nights, receiving the Tablets of stone that comprised the spiritual relationship between the Israelites and the Creator. The Israelites, having just achieved and reached the level of immortality, were waiting 40 days for Moses’ return. Having miscalculated the time, the Israelites assumed Moses had abandoned them and they panicked. In a seemingly unbelievable event, they decided in a moment of haste, to forgo their promise to follow the Creator, and instead created an idol to worship and use as their new connection. The Creator and Moses became aware of this, and when Moses finally descended the mountain, Tablets in hand, he discovered the Israelites worshipping their new god, called the golden calf. They even declared it was this idol that freed them from Egypt! Because they had now diminished their connection with the Creator and Moses, the Israelites spiritually fell. They had lost their connection to immortality and with the Creator. At that moment of Moses’ return, the Tablets broke a part. The people quickly understood their error. Once they saw Moses’s return, they realized he had not abandoned them. The Israelites fell in a significant way, just like we can, too. Moses prayed for the Israelites. The Tablets and the entire spiritual agreement they made with the Creator had literally broken. But, just as in our lives, mistakes are a part of the process and the Creator will always embrace and love us. The Creator instructed Moses to return to the mountain, reestablish the connection, receive a second set of tablets, and return to the Israelites. When Moses returned from the mountain the second time, with a second set of Tablets, his face was radiant and he needed to veil himself from the Israelites. He then spoke to them the words of the Creator. The Israelites had fallen, but were able to rise again to an even higher level.

This week, the moon becomes full in Pisces. The highest level of love and mercy bathes the Universe. We should never look down upon ourselves for our mistakes. No one in this world is perfect. We are all flawed children of the Creator, simply learning to walk. Judging ourselves is not necessary, nor is judging others. Developing a self-love that understands mistakes will enable us to love others more, too. We really are just mirrors for one another. If we look closely enough, we will find that how we feel about another is often how we feel about ourselves. The first step to welcoming people into our lives and into our hearts is to nurture and love ourselves. It is okay to make mistakes. Love yourself through it, because the Creator loves you. Love yourself, because the mistakes are necessary for us to learn. It is then we are able to take this love and give it to those around us. 

"Every moment is a new beginning."

When we look out into this world, we do not ever really see people, we actually just see ourselves. When we love ourselves, we are then able to love another. When we are kind to ourselves, we can be kind to another. Oftentimes though, it is too difficult to love and forgive ourselves. Sometimes the guilt or shame is too strong. It is in these moments that we learn what we cannot do for ourselves, we can do for another. Life will give you many opportunities to give, share, and forgive others. It is in these instances that we are actually able to help ourselves the most. For when we give love to another, we are actually giving love to ourselves. When we draw down to another the mercy and acceptance of the Creator, we draw down that same mercy for ourselves.

This week in your meditations, we heal our spirits with love. Write down on a piece of paper any mistakes you may be holding on to. Write down any guilt you may be experiencing. Once the list has been made, destroy the list. Tear it up. Give yourself the love to move forward and rise again. We cannot allow the mistakes of our past to hold us back. We cannot allow guilt to keep us on our knees. The Creator loves you and forgives you. Every moment is a new beginning. Welcome life and its opportunities for renewal and cleansing. The Creator wants you to move forward, life wants you to move forward. Don’t you wish for the same? There is so much good ahead for you, only if you allow it to come your way. You will always be loved, cherished, and forgiven. So, stand up and rise once more.

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