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Beginning with Love

Karen Berg
April 28, 2024
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This article on the portion of the week was originally published in 2019.

We stand in the month of Aries, facing our new year ahead. What lies before us is the entire year encompassing all the signs and spectrum of the zodiac. Aries stands in the front of the line, and because of this, it is said Aries can only see itself. Unaware of what is behind, Aries is created with focus upon its self alone. A strong Desire to Receive for the Self Alone is a reckless raw energy. However, when balanced, it can help propel us to achieve great things in life and not overwhelm us or be the cause of our own undoing. The tremendous desire available this month is our friend and simultaneously our adversary. It is when we are able to connect to the positive gifts of Aries that this month becomes the incredible platform and springboard for our coming year. This week, we find ourselves immersed in the seven-day connection of Pesach, or Passover. These seven days are gifted to us to achieve the goal of drawing only the positive gifts of Aries. The holiday of Pesach and this week’s energy purifies us. We are encased in a beautiful space of positivity and are given the blessing to begin this year with pure love.

"The Creator is always helping us and wanting the best life for us."

Our spiritual compass for the week is the portion Acharei Mot. Acharei Mot is read twice, once during this time and the other on the holiest day of the year, Yom Kippur. This week, the energy of Yom Kippur, with its unmatched ability to help us unite with the Creator and be free from all barriers to Him, is gifted to us. In the portion of Acharei Mot, Aaron, the High Priest, makes the greatest possible purification connection for the Israelites. It follows Aaron entering the Tabernacle to the Holiest of Holy places where only he may enter to perform the purification process. This occurred at only one time of year on the holiday of Yom Kippur, the tenth day of the month of Libra when we are able to access and benefit from the cleansing power source of the Upper Worlds called Binah. Aaron, taking instructions from Moses and the Creator, initiates the yearly renewal and cleansing for the people. All negative actions were absolved, and they were given total purification. It is a vital and important gift that we, too, are given this week. It affords us the ability to begin our new year with a purified mind, consciousness, heart and body. The Creator is always helping us and wanting the best life for us. We are sent the power of Acharei Mot so we may plant the best seed to create the most optimal year. In conjunction with this gift, this week additionally offers us the seven days of the holiday of Pesach. Each of the seven days of Pesach removes from us the inherent negative thought consciousness found in the month of Aries. It is said if we participate in the seven days of Pesach, being mindful to remain in a place of positive consciousness where love and unity reside, we are guaranteed not to spiritually fall for the entire year. The seven days of Pesach permit us to be removed from that which holds us back so we may soar and achieve what was once thought to be unachievable. With Acharei Mot and Pesach, we are able to begin this year with love, as all of our heavy chains and limitations fall by the wayside.

"If we begin with love, we can truly have it all."

Year after year, we may find ourselves struggling with the same challenges and longing to see our dreams come true. Like a carousal, we find ourselves perhaps in a new city or environment, but experiencing the same life over and over again. Each year, we may find that there has been no growth or genuine change. This can be one of life’s greatest pains. Having lived a life of 70 years as if it were only one day can cause even the strongest of us to be weary of heart. But, our lives do not have to exist in this way. The Creator provided the energy and tools available for us every week to help us garner the very best of life. We are given the path out of darkness to create a bright future. This week, we are made new so that we have the advantage to create a vastly different and better year. We sever selfishness and apathy from our being and embrace love and care for our fellow humankind. We begin the year with an evolved consciousness that takes us on the path to a better and happier new year. This is the precise purpose of Pesach. Holidays are actually “whole” days. Holidays are not commemorative or about tradition. They are our gifts from the Creator to fuel us, renew us, and alter our consciousness so we create for ourselves a better life. The choices we make each moment create our days and these days create our lives. The Creator knows we are responsible for building our lives and sends us the needed help so that we may build the best life possible for ourselves and our families.

This week in your meditation, see yourself standing at the head of the line in the zodiac. You face the future, proud. You desire all of life’s possibilities. You desire a year blessed with joy, happiness, health, prosperity, and love. The intense desire to have it all encompasses your being. However, for a moment you begin to think there could be something more. You glance behind you. You turn your head and see so many others! You see behind you all who had gone before you and all who will follow you. You become aware the world is full of other souls and hearts who desire the same things as you. Everyone is striving for blessings and to achieve joy. You are not alone in this world. You begin to realize your interconnectedness to every soul on earth. You feel your heart begin to grow double in size, as compassion, care, and love overtake you. You now desire not just your own needs, but desire that others are happy and fulfilled, as well. You desire to receive even more from life -- a world where everyone is happy and fulfilled. You desire to help others and create this ideal world in which to live. This is the transformation we seek and is available for us this week. We come to this world one way, and we are able to leave it another. We learn that in order to have it all, we need only to give. We learn in order to become someone great, we need only to think of someone else. If we begin with love, we can truly have it all. 

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