Astrology Forecast for October 10-16, 2021

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Astrology Forecast for October 10-16, 2021

Rachel Itic
October 10, 2021
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This week continues with the energy of the New Moon in Scorpio. Although this conjunction, the precise moment when the Sun and the Moon are together, has already passed, these days are still conducive to planting seeds. The duration of the lunar phases is of one week; this period is of beginnings and for setting objectives for the current month. Scorpio is the second month in the Kabbalistic calendar. It is a month of intensity and emotions in which we seek intimacy, but we are also reigned by control, and we can be seduced by our jealousy, envy, and feelings of revenge. It is a month of introversion and depth, where any activity that requires discretion is successfully accomplished. Well-focused, Scorpio energy opens the worlds of the psyche and hypersensitivity: a connection with the higher worlds and with the other. We can feel and perceive the people around us in a deeper way. We can deepen our knowledge and our relationships. Take advantage of this moon phase to set goals in relation to this energy: where do I need depth in my life?, where do I need to be more sensitive?, where do I need to let go of control, jealousy, and envy? Focus on this during the month.

From October 12 to 20, we have the energy of the lunar phase called the Last Quarter. Even though the sowing time is over, we can still start things at this stage, but the greatest gift that this period gives us is to push ourselves, to take responsibility, and to commit ourselves to what we started in the New Moon. These are moments of pressure, challenge, and decision-making, where our willpower is put to the test. This week we can face any conflict and come out victorious since we are given the ability to decide and solve things, even those that we put aside for a long time. Somehow we have more pressure, and there is more conflict, but we also have more support from the cosmos to manifest and resolve. Not only do we have more desire, but we have more desire for the Light!

Although the lunar cycle is in Scorpio, the Sun, the great luminary, is still in Libra. Libra is a mental Air sign that seeks harmony, balance, and companionship. During these days, this energy quite balances the intense energy of the controlling scorpion. This aspect works in our favor because the lunar cycle combined with the Sun in Libra gives us the ability to feel others, to seek companionship and balance, and to be intimate, magnetic and, at the same time, considerate of the other.

The planetary dominance per element is Air since we have the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Libra and Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. This is good because it cools Scorpio's emotionality, which can blind us and influence our objectivity. Air signs give us that ability to create alliances with others, to see the other side of the coin, to be social, and to have greater social awareness. During this period, the mind rules and can be seen reflected in our lack of practicality and inability to manifest. The lessons that so many elements provide us in Libra are: make our own decisions with complete certainty, trust our instinct and follow it, seek to be more independent, take life with more vitality and aggressiveness, put ourselves as a priority, set healthy limits and be warmer and more sensitive.

Use the planets to your advantage, use the gifts of the Air signs and the energy of the lunar cycle in Scorpio. Combine these two opposites: mind and emotions, being social, and seeking moments of introspection and loneliness. What is clear is that in the planetary configuration of the week, Fire and Earth are missing, and it is here that it is up to each of us to add the necessary enthusiasm and practicality.

Mercury is in its retrograde process, what to expect during this period? During this time, misunderstandings can occur, and the fluency of the expression can be truncated, as well as any device, tool, or instrument related to communication and transport. Try to be more cautious in your expression and take more time to review and confirm that others understand you. Take this into account to make sure you get to where you need to go on time. The gift of this energy is repetition. What we do for the second time under Mercury Retrograde will come out well, such as: reconnect, re-study, retake. Any verb with the prefix "re" is benefited and offers us a second chance. About Mercury Retrograde, there is a saying that dictates: “what comes back to you at this time is yours,” like an ex-relationship or something that was lost, and you meet again in this period. On the other hand, what you start in this period or is something new, usually does not stay with you.

To determine the difference between one day and another, it is important to see the Moon as it passes through the signs. The Moon is the fastest of the celestial bodies, so it is the one that triggers short-term changes. We are talking about the fact that it changes its sign approximately every two and a half days. Let's see the movement of the moon during this week. On Monday, the Moon is in Sagittarius. We have an enthusiastic energy, a lot of vitality, and optimism. Sports and being outdoors are recommended. It is an excellent time to study, have fun, philosophize and open up our panorama. These days we have leadership energy, and at the same time, we seek freedom.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the moon is in Capricorn. We are directed to work, be more seriousness, and commit. They are excellent days to plan, organize, and structure. Capricorn is an Earth sign that helps us manifest, be objective and diligent, attributes that come in handy this week, where the Air planets and the emotional energy of Scorpio reign. One tip for these days is: don't challenge authority. Thursday and Friday, we have the Moon in Aquarius. With the entrance to this sign, the Moon joins the Air element, giving even more weight to the previously mentioned attributes. During these days, we want to be unique and different. We are very mental and excessively rebellious; we seek freedom, breaking structures and routines. These are excellent days to make changes. Be careful not to be too radical and take advantage of this impetuosity to create positive changes in your life. Aquarius is very mental and, at the same time, is very cold; try to be sensitive and tolerant with the people around you.

Finally, on Sunday, we have the Moon in Pisces. Emotional days, of helping and being helped; we feel great empathy for others. These are excellent days to pray and meditate. With the Moon in this position during the sign of Scorpio, the kabbalistic month of Cheshvan, sensitivity is on the high side. We seek to connect with the Creator and with others from a spiritual perspective, we feel one with the whole, and we are more perceptive, receptive, and psychic. Do not take things personally, avoid drama, do not create dependency during these days, and above all, do not evade reality. Be objective.

This week's portion is Lech Lecha. It is the portion where the Creator asks Abraham to leave his house, his father's house, and go to Canaan, the land that the Creator assigns him. But literally, the translation of Lech Lecha is “go out of you.” It means that this week we have the opportunity to leave ourselves, our history, to receive something better. Leaving ourselves and what we know is difficult, even though it is not the best for our process. The month of Scorpio gives us the ability to change and transform at deep levels, but emotionally the Scorpio is absorbed, thinking about himself, and that takes away the ability to see that there is much more. If you let go of control, let go and trust the Creator, you are going to have something much better. This week we have the opportunity to exercise this teaching: be willing to leave everything behind in order to receive something better.

Happy week!

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