Astrology Forecast for the Month of Aries 2022

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Astrology Forecast for the Month of Aries 2022

Batsheva Shouster
March 31, 2022
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The Warrior Within

“He crowned the letter Hei in a conversation and tied a crown and created Aries in the world and the month of Nissan in the year” – The Book of Formation

Rav Berg explains that the letter Hei is connected to freedom, and indeed this is the time of year when we can free ourselves from any spiritual chain or weight that is holding us back from becoming who we are meant to be. Aries is known as the month to plant seeds of thought and seeds of action. What do you want your focus to be this year? Every seed you plant will grow into a tree.

The sign of Aries is connected to war. It is said that kings were crowned during this month so they will be infused with the energy needed to lead and win. When we study kabbalah, we learn that the only war that we are fighting is the one against our own personal opponent. Any external war is just a result of this struggle. The sign of Aries and its ruler, planet Mars, represents the warrior in each of us—our motivation, drive, and what causes us to wake up excited and ready for action each morning.

In the birth chart of the month, Mercury, the sun, and the moon are all in Aries, controlled by Mars in Aquarius with a conjunction to Saturn, the teacher of the zodiac. Mars is restricted, and this aspect often brings frustration and sometimes even violence. Any planet that touches Saturn goes through some frustration because Saturn always asks, “Are you loyal to your soul and the reason you are on this planet in this physical existence?” Saturn is here to apply awareness and consciousness to our actions—to help us think before we do and connect to the Lightforce of the Creator before taking action.

Aquarius is a social sign, all about ideas, thinking outside of the box, marching in the street for human rights, fighting for equality, and bringing change to the world. But its job is to relate to people by opening their hearts. Not to think about love, just to love. As Aries is short-tempered and self-centered, it is also a leader and an inspiration. Together with Aquarius energy, we have an opportunity to pause and listen to what is truly going on around us. By doing so, we can activate the innovative energy of Aquarius, which can benefit our environment and the world.

The energy of Aries is going through a transformation this month. We’ll experience a transformation of thoughts, feelings, goals, and what motivates us. This month is about the understanding that achievement does not come by working alone rather by working together with others. When we focus only on ourselves and our success, we are actually limiting our potential. An Aries will wake up in the middle of the night in order to help or share with others but will always want something in return. When it does not happen, there can be anger. True sharing comes from a place of power and being the Light—not from a place of manipulation or wanting something in return.

The conjunction in the beginning of the month between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces is a deep one that can lead us to a very positive and spiritual route of human kindness. We may begin to understand that we are simply different parts of one organism. Or it can divert us towards feelings of misery and victimhood. Pisces understands the limitations of physical reality but take caution: this aspect may also promote unhealthy modes of escape. Understanding how the “me” and the “we” are connected is important. Achievement is only here to help our souls shine. We can use the planetary aspects in a way that can truly free us from the chains of the Ego.

Some Important Aspects of This Month:

April 4th- April 26th– Conjunction Between Jupiter and Neptune
This is a long conjunction between two outer planets, and the effect is both personal and global.

April 10th– Mercury Squares Pluto
Be aware of power struggles and the ways you use your words. Use them to build and not to destroy. Avoid using sharp words that can hurt.

April 10th– Mercury Moves from Aries into Taurus
This shift from the fiery to the earthy helps us look for more comfortable solutions.

April 11th– Accurate Conjunction
At this time, the sun is in a good aspect to Saturn in Aquarius, which helps us connect with people with true care for them.

April 15th– The Night of Pesach
This Friday night, the Full Moon of Aries is upon us. Through the connection of the Seder, we can own our lives and receive true freedom. The following week, on the seventh day of Pesach, it is time to cross through any limitations that seem to block us.

April 17th– Mercury in Taurus conjunct Uranus
This inspires uniqueness and creativity in communication.

Have a great month!

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