A New Chance at Love


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A New Chance at Love

Karen Berg
August 4, 2021
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This article was previously published in 2018.

Welcome to the New Moon. A New Moon is a time for renewal. Spiritually, we are like the moon, as we are considered vessels of the Light. Therefore, when the moon begins a new cycle, a new cycle occurs within each of us. During this time, our minds clear, our focus sharpens, and we are restored with fresh energy. We can let the past go and forge forward. This particular New Moon is the New Moon of Virgo. It is a unique and special month as it proceeds the cosmic event known as Rosh Hashanah, which means Head of the Year. The month of Virgo was placed by the Creator before Rosh Hashanah so we may have the best chance to create the most optimal year ahead. During Virgo, we are given the invaluable gift to let go of the events of last year, be absolved of the mistakes we have made, and to return, once again, to a purer state of being. In this way, we can begin our new year with our best foot forward. So often in life, people beg for a second chance or the ability to start fresh. It is thought to be just a fantasy. For how can we possibly turn back time, or change the past? But in this month of Virgo, the Creator tells us that we actually can. This month of Virgo is one of our greatest treasures from the Creator. A chance at a new start in life is priceless, yet that is exactly what awaits us.

"Virgo renews us, revitalizes us, and allows us to begin again"

The energy of Virgo is bathing the Universe during these next 30 days, cleansing us of whatever our past may contain. We are able to dissolve our mistakes, wash away the tears we have caused others to shed, and tear down the blockages to the Light we have built. In life, it is easy to lose our direction and feel we no longer have the energy to persevere. But once a year, during the month of Virgo, we are bestowed the precious gift to be like a child, once again. We are given the chance to see the world fresh with new excitement and restored energy. But most importantly in this process, our hearts are gently opened. We are awakened to love and our potential to give love.

In life, being hurt at some point is inevitable. Whether it is the pain of loss or the pain of betrayal, our hearts, so delicate and fragile, can be broken far too easily. We may find ourselves afraid to love and afraid to be loved. Then what do we do? How do we learn to love again? How do we remove the layers of pain that cause us to be skeptics of life and love? How do we break free from this frozen state? The Creator does not abandon us, nor forget us. He knows of our troubles and has provided this month as our remedy. Now we can renew what has been broken and heal our wounds. We can face the world like a child again, open to the love that exists everywhere, and open our hearts to being loved and loving others. We can be free from the pain that has held us back for far too long. Virgo renews us, revitalizes us, and allows us to begin again, ready to create a promising new year of blessings.

"This month is known as a time when unfinished business will resurface"

The month of Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury provides us with power to rise above the confines of time. We can travel through the past and thus be able to better understand our story. Reflection is our tool this month and it allows us to see how, and if, we went off course on our spiritual journey. Not only have we been hurt by others, but we have also been the cause of pain to people. There are just as many people in therapy trying to get over you, as you are trying to get over them. When we identify and admit to ourselves our transgressions, we bring them out and into the light. Once out of the darkness, they can be transformed. As the famous wisdom of recovery teaches, “We are only as sick as our secrets.” Our work this month is to clean our spiritual houses. It is an important time to see where we have caused pain and lacked human dignity. Fortunately for us, the Universe will help us in the process. This month is known as a time when unfinished business will resurface. We do not have to do the work alone; the Creator will not only show us the areas in life we need to mend, but even give us the power to mend them. Each time we reach out to another for forgiveness, we are sent the necessary Light that removes the darkness that was created. The magic of this month is that just by seeing what we wish to change, that in itself will activate the cleansing process. By the end of the month, God willing with the Creator’s help, we have a chance at becoming a brand-new person. A person who is no longer afraid to love another and to be loved in return. It is said that only hurt people hurt people. During the month of Virgo, we can once and for all, stop this cycle of abuse and embrace the love that will heal us. For we ourselves will be the ones who benefit most from the work inherent in this month.

This is a welcomed time. We walk into our spiritual houses and embrace the occasion to swing open the windows allowing the Light to enter. We can be excited for the opportunities that lie ahead these weeks to make amends with the people to whom we have become distant. For any distance we have with another is like being distant from the Light itself. When our hearts are renewed and we are open to loving another human being again, it is like we are open to loving the Creator again. The month of Virgo is called Elul in Hebrew. Elul is an acronym for the phrase: “Ani ledodi vedodi li,” meaning “I am to my beloved as my beloved is to me.” This month the energy of “I am to my beloved” encourages us to take the step towards others and make amends for the pain we have caused them, and ultimately, to ourselves. The Creator will then continue the phrase, “as my beloved is to me,” shining His Light and healing us in the process. We are left new again, ready for a new start and ready with an open heart.

The greatest chance we have in creating the most optimal new year ahead is to start it with the power of love. This is the time to do just that.

Have a wonderful month.

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