Reaping the True Rewards

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Reaping the True Rewards

Karen Berg
Julho 16, 2017
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Imagine a guy who is about to close a huge contract and make a lot of money. Just before it happens, the deal falls through, and he ends up with nothing. He invested so much time, energy, effort, and then poof it is gone. It is all taken away. Most of us would probably think to ourselves, "Oh man, tough break; too bad for that guy." Right? But what if I told you that’s not the case?

What if I told you that in the bigger picture of this man's spiritual growth, losing this contract was going to give him the humility he needed for an even bigger deal down the line. Had he gotten it, he would have become too egotistical, losing his connection to his inner Light. Undergoing that "setback" was the way the universe allowed him to find himself with a stronger, more powerful consciousness.

The idea here is that true reward is not about what we get in the physical world. It is not the honor, respect, or money we make. The real reward is that which we gain through our evolution. Sometimes there are highs, and sometimes there are lows, but the constant is that the Light is always with us.

In every moment, we are surrounded by guardian angels, that are here to protect us. The positive energy we generate through our kindness, good deeds and extensions of human dignity strengthen these angels. But you know what? These guardians are also 100% there with us in our toughest moments. When we are laying in the mud and can’t see the Light, feeling defeated, small and unsure, we are in the greatest state of protection. Like a butterfly in a cocoon, our soul is preparing for transformation.

One of the portions we read this week, Matot, talks about the Israelites battling the Midianites and winning. As we know the Torah is not just a historical story, it represents the process of the soul here and now. Here we learn, that it's not always about the fight we are fighting, no matter what it looks like or as real as it seems to be. It is about how we approach the battle. The difficulties we encounter give us the opportunity to show our true “colors,” to reveal our strength, courage, and the magnificence of who we really are.

These days, people who want to become physically strong, go and lift weights at the gym or hit up a group class. The more they lift, practice, and stretch themselves, the stronger they become. Emotional and spiritual strength requires the same effort, the same “training.” But it is not easy to remember this when we are in the midst of a crisis or challenging time.

So often we see our challenges as hindrances on our path to success. If we could just have a clear road, we would get to where we want to go. But this week we can learn the secret to making the most of our difficulty. We gain the certainty that every situation we are in is here to help us in our spiritual growth.

Wishing you a blessed week,