Quarterly Donor Impact Report – June 2021

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Quarterly Donor Impact Report – June 2021

Michael Berg
Julho 21, 2021
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Growing up, I had the merit to study the wisdom of Kabbalah with my father, Rav Berg, from midnight through the early morning hours. Though we examined many works of the great kabbalists, our main source of Light and understanding came directly from the Zohar. Through our study, both a simple certainty and a clarity of logic about the spiritual system were awakened. Over the years, whenever I have experienced challenges, big or small, it is those two elements – the practice of constant certainty and a real depth of knowledge – that have helped me maintain my true essence and stay on the spiritual path. And I have seen thousands upon thousands of people gain immeasurable blessings through their own study of the Zohar. This is the power of the Zohar. To reveal hidden truths, to transform us into beings of sharing, to empower us to improve our lives and bring Light to the entire world.

Every single Zohar we publish is special, as it includes the blessing of the lineage of great kabbalists going all the way back to its author, Rav Shimon Bar Yochai. Thanks to your generous support, we are sharing this special Light and wisdom with more people around the world than ever before. It’s truly inspiring to share that, because of you, we have published the second volume of the Tikunei haZohar in English and have set the wheels in motion for the publishing of the Rav Berg and Karen Berg Edition of the Zohar. Both of these projects are near and dear to my heart, as they will allow us to spread immense Light and blessings to more people in search of a better way of life.

Because of your support, we are able to continue to accomplish the mission set in motion for us: providing the wisdom and tools of Kabbalah to develop the essential, spiritual aspect of life within people of all backgrounds so that they may improve their lives and, consequently, the world as a whole.

I’d like to highlight a couple of recent projects that have truly inspired me.

Tikunei haZohar Volume 2

I’m excited to share that, through your dedicated support, we’ve completed the publishing of the second volume of the Tikunei haZohar in English, a tremendous source of Light whose wisdom cleanses us of even our darkest negativity.

The Tikunei haZohar taps directly into the wisdom of Elijah the Prophet, who visited Rav Shimon bar Yochai after he’d fled the Romans and went into hiding in a cave for thirteen years. While hiding from danger in a physical sense, Rav Shimon opened his soul to the Light and had the merit to receive 70 different revelations, or tikkunim, about the first word of the Torah, Beresheet. These secret teachings of the Torah have the power to change our lives as individuals, and on the global scale, are known to the kabbalists as a tool that will usher in the Messianic Era.

Special Edition Rav and Karen Berg Zohar

The dream of my father, Rav Berg, was for every single person in this world to have a Zohar and its wisdom. It’s truly inspiring, therefore, to be able to take a great step forward in achieving my father’s goal, and really a goal that has been held by kabbalists for centuries. I am elated to share that the Rav and Karen Berg Edition of the Zohar, a special version that carries with it the tremendous energies of both of these great kabbalists, is set for publishing.

In a first for the Centre, we engaged in crowdfunding for the printing of this unique Zohar. Throughout Lag b’Omer, thousands of students came together from study groups and Centres all over the world to spread awareness and raise funds. And I’m happy to announce that the goal has been accomplished: the Rav and Karen Berg Zohar will be published in both English and Spanish by the spring of next year.

Over 2000 donors not only made this special edition possible, you ensured our continued sharing of thousands of free Zohars through our Share the Zohar campaign, in which people can receive a free copy of the seminal book via Kabbalah.com. I am immensely grateful for each and every one of you.

Other projects you’ve helped make possible:

• Adding yet more classes to Rav Berg’s Ten Luminous Emanations on Kabbalah.com, all fully supported by donors.

• We’ve brought in over 9000 new students in Kabbalah 1 classes worldwide, with the first pay-what-you-can K1 class cycle finishing up in June.

• Over 800 students have signed up for our Kabbalah 4 class.

• We are working on a French translation of the Zohar to reach French speakers around the world. As of now, we have completed Volume 4 and are moving to Volume 5.

• The Centre in Tel-Aviv hosted a multicultural solidarity event, in which speakers from different faiths and cultures in Israel spoke about human dignity and collaboration.

The translation and publishing of Volume 2 of the Tikunei haZohar, with all of its Light and impactful wisdom, would simply not have been possible without your help. Nor would we be able to print a special edition Rav and Karen Berg Zohar – full of my mother’s and father’s compassionate, constructive energies – were it not for your support. I am extremely grateful for your generosity and, on a personal level, to be a part of these and all of our amazing projects. I truly hope you are too.

With love and appreciation,

Michael Berg

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