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Our Highest Calling

Karen Berg
Janeiro 20, 2023
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This article was previously published in 2019.

Welcome to the New Moon of Aquarius. We enter an extraordinary period of time when we can connect more easily to Divine thought, and with it the highest ideals of the Creator. This is the Age of Aquarius. Humanity is on the brink of achieving its purpose. It is a period of astounding advancements, medical breakthroughs, and technologies we never thought would be possible. During the month of Aquarius, we can connect to a higher level of consciousness. This month can act as a spiritual wake-up call for humanity, for a world in which there is only peace, love, and harmony is not always on the forefront of our minds. Life is full of distractions that can prevent us from believing in a utopic world. We can forget that the world does have a mission. We humans do have a greater purpose expanding far from simply waking for work each day and going home to sleep. Our goal is nothing short of connecting to our Divine Spark within and creating a world in which love permeates every fiber of existence and hatred is forever banished. This is our greatest and highest calling. It is during this month of Aquarius that we are awakened to it and are able to gain ground in achieving it. Divine Love is already inside our hearts. As John Lennon wrote, “War is over, if you want it.”

"Humanity is on the brink of achieving its purpose."

The symbol for Aquarius is the water bearer. It depicts a figure pouring water without limit, endlessly providing and nurturing. This image hints to us of the possible reality where everyone and everything is provided for without struggle or price. A utopic world of love, peace, and fulfillment. This is the consciousness we strive to grasp in our minds this month. The first step to actualizing anything is to first visualize it in our minds. If we cannot first see it there, then there is little hope to manifest it. The builder drafts the plans out in blueprints. But before the plans even reach the drafting table, the builder must first see in his or her mind the final outcome. The month of Aquarius offers the loftiest blueprints for humanity. This boost in consciousness is sent to us from the Creator so we may be reminded of all that is possible. The difficulties, challenges, and pain of life can cause us to lose our inspiration and passion to strive for the very best in life. Without the month of Aquarius to assist us in expanding our minds and our hearts, we may not believe a world of total peace and love is even possible. We often think too small, but we can rely on this month to awaken us to big ideas and to remind us of the Creator’s plan for our world. We were not born to suffer. We were not born to be hungry. Hatred and fear are not defaults in humanity. Love is there, it has always been there. This month, we awaken our inner love child and fulfill our promise we made to ourselves and to our Creator: a world of peace and love.

Our friends who were born under the sign of Aquarius also help us to remember to never settle for less. Aquarians enlighten us with righteous thought. They have been given the gift to rebel against the norm and embrace what runs contrary. They are our innovators and they bring about new concepts and ideas. Aquarians love to be different and loathe to conform. They live to break down structure and they thrive on freedom. In life where depression and sadness can plague us, the Aquarian refuses to take any part in it. They forge a new and different path. They fight for love and peace. They desire to give and share. They rebel against hatred and seem to connect automatically with the spark of the Creator within. Our Aquarian friends allow us to remember the truth of our existence. We were not born to be fighters; we were born to be lovers. We were born to work in synergy and harmony with one another. 

"Love is there, it has always been there."

There is the parable about a world of people who had been cursed with arms that did not bend. As a result, they were unable to feed themselves, and many often starved. They were unable to care for themselves in any way. The people suffered and lived a life of great hardship. However, in this same world, on the other side of its globe, an entirely different scenario played out. There were people who also had arms that would not bend, but they managed to live healthy and satiated without any problems. What was their secret you ask? These people learned that the solution to their problem was to feed each other. They may not have been able to feed themselves, but they could easily feed and care for another. They created health, peace, and harmony through brotherhood and sisterhood. When they thought of the other person they were then able to solve their problems and create a blessed existence.

In a world with much darkness, it is in this month of Aquarius that we are shown the Light to a better way. We are awakened to a higher logic and order. We are reminded of our highest calling and purpose in this world. Love is the answer and has always been our highest calling. It is the answer we have been waiting and looking for. Love for our neighbor is the secret to creating Heaven on Earth. The Age of Aquarius is upon us. We are called to embrace and release the love child within. We came to this world for love and it is with love that we will be able to achieve the goal of humanity: Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All. I wish for us all to experience this highest vision and to reveal the love of the Creator that already exists within. Wishing you the most blessed month. 

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