Astrology Forecast for the Month of Aquarius 2023

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Astrology Forecast for the Month of Aquarius 2023

Batsheva Shouster
Janeiro 20, 2023
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What is True Freedom?

The sign of Aquarius represents the channeling of wisdom and transformation into humanity. In this month, we are all impacted by the cosmic movement of the planets. Knowing both the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead during this time zone can help us experience the full power and potential of Aquarius energy.

Kabbalistically, the Age of Aquarius represents the time of enlightenment—a time when we can deeply understand the connection between us and that separation is only an illusion. We are all different organs of one body called humanity. According to the kabbalists, the moment we get to that stage of true enlightenment, there will be no more pain and suffering in the world.

People who are born under the sign of Aquarius are often revolutionary—great thinkers who always bring with them new ideas and ways of thinking “outside of the box.” However, sometimes their journeys are meant to be inside the box so they can learn to accept the routine as part of the journey into the Light. They are great visionaries and have an amazing social awareness.

As the energy of the Aquarius is concentrated in the head, this means the heart can be neglected. An Aquarian will march in the streets for a change, human rights, and equal opportunities, but it is not easy for them to relate to personal relationships, family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors. They can be great public speakers, but when it comes to one-on-one conversations, an Aquarius will shut down. They can become so focused on ideals and ideas that they forget life is about experiencing, connection, and love, not just about thinking.

In relationships, the journey of Aquarius is to appreciate their partner without thinking something better is waiting for them somewhere else. This can be dangerous in relationships because they risk never fully experiencing true love. If your astrology chart contains mostly Aquarius and air element energy, you can use water elements to awaken emotions and the ability to relate to, and feel others on a personal level.

The Zohar (the foundational text of Kabbalah) explains that, eventually, everything is about the desire of the heart. So we can learn and attain knowledge, we can meditate and read, and we can acquaint ourselves with the world and society, but true connection, true growth and understanding, and the true ability to create change in the world comes by opening our hearts, and by being able to touch the hearts of others.

The symbol of Aquarius is the water-bearer. Aquarius is a fixed air sign (a fixed sign is connected to the left column, the desire to receive). Aquarius appears to be modest and easygoing, but the inside energy of the left column will bring strong stubbornness; they are the most stubborn of all the signs. An Aquarian will always try to do the opposite of what they are told. A mother to an Aquarius child will know that if she wants her child to clean their room, she must forbid them from organizing! Because of this combination, Aquarians have great pride, even if they do not appear to.

Their journey, and our journey this month, is to learn about true humility. In order to bring the water from the well, which represents wisdom and awakening, Aquarius needs to bend and leave the ego to the side. The ego is the illusion of separation. It tells us, “You are better than others,” or “You are worse than others.” It is the voice that limits us and tells us we can’t or we do not need to make an effort. The ego is the part of ourselves that prevents us from truly being one with others. As the saying goes, “We are one, but we are not the same.”

Rav Ashlag, the visionary of the Kabbalah Centre, once said it is our responsibility to take care of each other, and if we did, no one would ever be in lack in the world. Imagine if you did not have a pillow and there were four billion people making sure that you would have one. How would you sleep then?

The planets send us specific important messages this month. As we start this time zone, the sun, the moon, Venus, and Saturn are in Aquarius. Another planet in an air sign is Mars in Gemini. The air element is all about communication, ideas, speech, socializing, and friends. Think: the respiratory system. The nature of air is like the wind—flying all over the place. This month our job is to find an anchor and stabilize ourselves. We may have great ideas, but they can be hard to manifest. Choose one thing you want to work on and write the others off to the side so you will not forget and can get back to them later.

We will also see Venus conjunct Saturn. Venus has to do with matters of the heart: love, pleasure, money, and possessions. The influence of Venus can confuse us sometimes about what our true desires really are. Saturn is our teacher in the zodiac. Lessons in life usually come with some challenges for us to overcome so we can truly own them. Venus in Aquarius wants freedom and does not want to open the heart or commit. Saturn gives a sense of limitation, as if something is blocking our freedom. But that is so we can examine the idea of what freedom means for each of us.

Mars, our motivation, is in Gemini with a hard aspect to Mercury, the communicator, in Capricorn. As Mercury controls Gemini, there is a challenge here to our nervous system. So be sure to nourish yourself and calm those nerves by:

1. Creating the proper boundaries in your mind
Focus on things that will help you grow. We do not need to know everything about everything. Avoid engaging in draining conversations. And if you must, find ways to reduce being affected by them.

2. Using the 72 names of God Number 8: "Defusing negative energy and stress"
Also, use Number 4 to eliminate negative thoughts. Inhale the letters and let them move into your head and body.

3. Finding ways that relax your body
Drink calming teas, use herbs, engage in body massage, or just be with people you love.

4. Finding ways that relax your mind
Tap on your chest over your heart and imagine it is the most beautiful flower you ever saw. Meditation can help deeply soothe our nervous system.

Uranus, the planet that breaks everything and creates change, is stationed to go direct. So if you were thinking about a revolution in your life, you might get some assistance here. Uranus is a generational planet, and it signifies changes on a global level. On January 26th, Venus enters Pisces, and we will have more opportunities for intimacy with our loved ones.

On the night of February 5th, we will experience the Full Moon of Aquarius, the holiday of the trees. This is an opportunity for us to go against our personal gravity, the spiritual weights that are limiting us from rising up to meet our destiny.

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