A Monthly Guide for Parents: Taurus 2023

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A Monthly Guide for Parents: Taurus 2023

Kabbalah Centre
Aprile 20, 2023
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When you want to sense the energy of Taurus, imagine a beautiful green garden where your favorite fruits and vegetables grow. There you will find trees and flowers with all colors of the rainbow. The air is refreshing, the sky feels like spring, and the rays of the sun touch your skin, giving you a sense of safety. You have no worries, and everything makes you happy.

The energy of Taurus is ruled by the planet of love, relationship, money, and comfort: the planet Venus. In the Book of Formation, Abraham calls the planet Venus the planet of Light. And Light it is!

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  • One of the biggest challenges for the sign of Taurus is embracing change, and therefore, that is where the greatest opportunity lies this month. Identify one aspect of your parenting you know needs to evolve, but you have been resistant to truly changing, and give this area your full effort for the next month. With your children, identify an area in which they are resistant to change and make this area a point of focus over the next month, gently guiding your children to embrace change. Sometimes change feels intimidating, but when we approach it with excitement and patience, this can make all the difference.
  • The Hebrew name for this month is Iyar, which is an acronym for "Ani Hashem Rofecha" – "I am God, your Healer.” The Kabbalists teach that a tremendous light of healing is available in this next month. You have the opportunity to reflect on what inside of you still needs healing – what limiting beliefs and or unresolved feelings are blocking you from showing up as the parent you want to be? As you put energy into healing these parts of yourself, notice the healing that takes place in your relationship with your children.
  • This month we are all challenged to reexamine where we find our security. Spiritually speaking, we want our security to come from our connection to and certainty in the Light of the Creator. Reflect on where in your life you are too attached to an aspect of physicality as a means to security (i.e., your money, physical possessions, daily routine, comfort, people, etc.). In times of uncertainty, challenge yourself to ask the Light for help and surrender trust to the Light instead of relying on your five senses or any aspect of this physical world to reassure you.
  • Taurus is a fixed sign and is known for being very stubborn (on occasion!). During this month, notice when, where, how, and why you become stubborn in your parenting. In these moments, challenge yourself by asking, “how can I be more fluid here?” or “how can I release my attachment to my way and be open to the infinite possibilities the Light wants to offer me?” You may practice this exercise with your child as well, encouraging them to be more flexible in order to enjoy life more!


  • Sometimes change feels scary, confusing, or simply like too much work! When things are predictable, we feel a sense of safety. However, here is a big spiritual secret: our greatest happiness always lies on the other side of change. This month, challenge yourself to embrace change, be it in big or small ways, and trust amazing things will come to you when you are brave. Change could mean making the effort to talk to someone new at school or making a new friend. Change could mean getting off of your electronics a few minutes earlier at night so you can read before bed and relax your mind.
  • The Hebrew name for this month is Iyar, which is an acronym for "Ani Hashem Rofecha" – "I am God, your Healer.” The Kabbalists teach that a tremendous light of healing is available in this next month. Is there something inside of you that still hurts – something you are still thinking about, still upset about, confused about, etc.? Whatever it is, bring this up to your parents and ask for help in healing your thoughts or feelings. We all have negative thoughts and feelings that linger inside of us; there is no need to be embarrassed, your parents are here to help you!
  • The physical gifts in our world are pretty great – food, toys, games, clothes, a home, etc. However, sometimes we get too attached to these physical gifts, and we forget to appreciate where they come from – the Light! We also forget what our soul really desires, which is to connect to the energy within these physical things, not the physical things themselves. For instance, we seek out games because games bring us joy and connection to our family and friends. For the next month, as you’re enjoying the physical things in your life, remind yourself, “this comes from the Light,” and appreciate the beautiful energy the physical thing is offering you, be it nourishment, joy, creativity, love, comfort, peace, etc.
  • We all want things to go our way, and sometimes it really feels like our way is the best way or the only way! The Kabbalists teach us that the Light always knows what’s best – the Light always sees the bigger picture – more than we can see and feel on our own. We want to be open and flexible to other people’s ideas and ways of doing things, even when they are different from what we want or think is right. This month, when you feel yourself getting stubborn, practice letting go and being open to something new. See how freeing it is to let go of stubbornness – see what new things you learn and experience.


The Kabbalists teach that the 72 Names of God are powerful instruments we can use to align our soul with different expressions or spiritual frequencies of the Light of the Creator. Each 72 Name of God is associated with a specific set of days in the Kabbalistic calendar. By connecting to the name associated with each set of days, we gain key insights into the opportunities available to us during these days.

  • Iyar 1-4 (Alef Caf Alef - DNA of the Soul): Ask your children about what they truly desire and what their dreams are. As they answer these questions, guide them to try and connect to why they want what they want – to differentiate what desires are coming from their logical mind versus the depth of their soul. You can also guide them to notice where in their body they feel the answers. Notice how your children’s exploration of their hidden self can give you new ways to understand them.
  • Iyar 5-9 (Caf Hei Taf - Diffusing Stress): Remind your child they can use this name anytime they feel stressed. They can also share this name as a tool any time they see other family members experiencing stress. 
  • Iyar 10-14 (Hei Zayin Yud - Angelic Influences): During these days, each morning when your child wakes up and every evening before they drift to sleep, practice connecting to angels. You may teach your child that, according to Kabbalah, angels are forces of energy we create with our positive thoughts, words, and actions. 
  • Iyar 15-19 (Alef Lamed DaletProtection): During the times you are together with your child or children, envision you all wrapped in a blanket of protective light and see that protective light creating a force field of strength emanating from your family unit. You may encourage your child to do this visualization as well and have certainty that the Light of the family unit is one of the most powerful forces to bring goodness to the world. 
  • Iyar 20-24 (Lamed Alef Vav - Banishing Evil): Chose a topic from current events or from history, and in a child-friendly way, begin to open up a conversation about how darkness is merely the absence of Light, “evil” is truly an illusion and the only way to eliminate darkness is to turn on the Light. Ask your child how they can share their light more with the people in their lives and the world! 
  • Iyar 25-29 (Hei Hei Ayin - Unconditional Love): Ask your child to choose someone in their lives that they have a difficult time getting along with and encourage them to use this name to send that person unconditional love.


  • Connect to the Zohar

  1. I’m brand new to the Zohar, I need the basics! Check out zohar.com to learn about this tool, then speak to your personal instructor about how you can introduce your child to the Zohar as well.
  2. I have the Zohar and use it regularly, how can I use it with my children as well? You may use the scanning chart to select a topic you feel is personally relevant for your child, then make time to read, scan, and or study any part of the recommended section together. When you connect to the recommended section, do so intentionally, letting your child know as they connect to this section which area of their lives or someone else’s life they are sending energy to.
  3. I’m already using the Zohar with my children and want to take it to the next level. Make time for a Zohar Project outing with your family. You may choose one person or place to share the Zohar with or many. The important thing is to do it as a family.