A Monthly Guide for Parents: Capricorn 2021

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A Monthly Guide for Parents: Capricorn 2021

Centro de Kabbalah
Diciembre 2, 2021
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The month of Tevet and the sign of Capricorn are both ruled by Saturn. Saturn provides law enforcement in the cosmos, giving us each exactly what we deserve. This is the reason that Saturn has gotten such a bad rap amongst astrologers. The month of Tevet, Capricorn, is also one of the three months in the year typically thought of as negative, meaning a time when the spiritual filter that usually protects us is concealed this month. This can be good or bad, depending on how we use it. Our teacher, Karen Berg, said that Capricorn has the potential to be the most spiritual sign in the Zodiac. By tapping into the ability to manifest positive things, we can connect to that spiritual power.

Capricorn is an earth sign of manifestation. The internal energy of Capricorn is water, which symbolizes sensitivity and empathy towards others. When those two powers are combined for good, Saturn elevates the individual. In this month, our job is to allow things to flow without becoming obsessed about them—to share unconditionally, not because it is a business deal or because we are awaiting something in return, but just to share from a place of power and alignment with the unconditional sharing energy of the Creator. This month, don’t try to make everything work precisely according to the rules. Open up your heart to the circuitry in the universe.

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  • Following the month of Sagittarius, where the Light of miracles is abundant, this is a good time to focus on grounding yourself and your family. Shift your focus from drawing Light to taking practical actions to manifest the Light that already exists.
  • Help your child identify their responsibilities and work on approaching responsibility with excitement rather than dread. Helping them embrace age-appropriate responsibilities - learning how to organize themselves, create structure, etc. - will help them build confidence and self-trust.
  • While the energy of Capricorn calls on us to be more grounded and even get serious about the things that really matter, it is just as important to encourage your child to connect to his or her playful side. Help them let go of any heaviness and reconnect to their childlike nature. Finding the balance between responsibility and fun is essential.
  • This month we are all vulnerable to a lack of sensitivity. Focus on truly listening to your child, feeling their emotions, and validating them even in the moments you don’t completely understand where they’re coming from. The more you are doing this with yourself and your own emotions, the more you’ll be able to do it with your child. Validating your child can help build more love, trust, and a sense of safety - keeping the lines of communication open.
  • Guide your child to focus on their spiritual desires as opposed to physical desires. Pay attention to the “things” your child wants and or is deeply attached to. Guide them to look deeper into the feelings these “things” give them and identify those feelings as what they’re truly seeking. For instance, if your child can’t step away from their phone, prompt a discussion with them on why they are so attached to their phone. Are they craving a sense of connection or recognition? Once you identify the feeling they are looking for, brainstorm ways in which they can cultivate these feelings internally rather than relying on an external source.



  • Identify your responsibilities and embrace them with excitement. Make sure you’re not taking on too much responsibility where it is not necessary. Practice asking for help when you need it.
  • Let go of any heaviness and allow yourself to be playful. It's important to be responsible, but it’s just as important to have fun.
  • Be sensitive to your feelings and the feelings of others. Practice truly listening to people when they speak, and try to feel where they are coming from. Even when you don't understand a person’s emotions, you can still share love and kindness with them.
  • Practice connecting to your feelings more than physical things. Physical things often make us feel different emotions, so we start to rely on physical things, but we can cultivate these feelings on our own with practice.
  • Connect with others more. It may be more natural for you to work alone or spend time alone, but challenge yourself to spend more time with other people and allow yourself to enjoy what they have to offer.



  • For the next month, practice freestyle dancing once a day (or as often as possible/desired). Turn on your favorite song of the moment and dance it out. Follow your body’s natural rhythm – there is no right or wrong way to dance – just allow your body to respond to the music and have fun. All it takes is a couple of minutes to completely shift your energy. Notice how dancing without thinking about anything – what other people think about you, what you look like, what work you have to do later, etc. – completely shifts your energy.
  • Connect the Dots Activity



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