A Monthly Guide for Parents: Aries 2023

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A Monthly Guide for Parents: Aries 2023

Centro de Kabbalah
Marzo 21, 2023
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“He crowned the letter Hei in a conversation and tied a crown and created Aries in the world and the month of Nissan in the year” –The Book of Formation

Rav Berg explains that the letter Hei is connected to freedom, and indeed this is the time of year when we can free ourselves from any spiritual chain or weight that is holding us back from becoming who we are meant to be. Aries is known as the month to plant seeds of thought and seeds of action. What do you want your focus to be this year? Every seed you plant will grow into a tree.

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The 16th-century kabbalist Rav Isaac Luria (the Ari) teaches that each of the first 12 days of Aries corresponds to and directly influences each of the 12 months of the year. For example, day one of Aries corresponds to the month of Aries, day two to Taurus, day three to Gemini, and so on. This is one of those rare windows in time when we have the ability to carve out our destiny. Each of the first 12 days of Aries presents you with an opportunity to overcome whatever it is that normally blocks you from receiving the fulfillment you desire – and deserve. How you respond to the tests of the first 12 days affects the outcome of how you will experience the coming year.

CLICK HERE to connect to our mantras, tips, and consciousness for the first 12 Days of Aries.


  • Our teacher Karen Berg explains that each of us has an “inner child” residing deep within our subconscious. This inner child is partly comprised of all the childlike parts of our personality and our childhood experiences that we have not fully healed, transformed, or embraced. It usually shows up in the form of self-sabotaging, self-defeating patterns of thinking and behaving that no longer serve us and impair our soul’s evolution. This month, pay close attention to how your inner child shows up when you’re reactive and how you can proactively work to mature this part of yourself. For example, when people don’t respond to you as quickly as you would like or in the manner you would like, your inner child might become impatient and start to make assumptions. To work on this, you can practice giving people the benefit of the doubt, looking for valid reasons why they may be responding in such a manner, instead of immediately taking it as a personal slight.
  • On the flip side, our inner child is also comprised of the positive, beautiful, innocent, untainted qualities we possessed as a child before life began shaping us in certain ways. Pay close attention to which of these qualities you may be neglecting in yourself (i.e., a willingness to try new things, playfulness, curiosity, levity, etc.). Embrace these qualities and notice how much Light is created for yourself and your children.
  • With the month of Aries comes the energy of infancy, new beginnings, and initiation. This can be a great time to plant new seeds in your life, so long as these seeds are planted intentionally. Be mindful to only start things you are truly invested in completing and have the passion to see through long-term. Avoid impulsively diving into anything new, as it regards to both your life and your child’s life.
  • This month you and your child may feel particularly self-focused; there may be a “me, me, me” vibe in the air, a consciousness which tends to bring on or amplify conflicts more so than usual. When you find yourself solely focused on your own thoughts and feelings, make the effort to step outside yourself and put yourself in your child’s shoes. Even when your child is blatantly misbehaving, commit to trying to understand where they are coming from. Stepping outside of yourself will help teach your child to do the same. When your child is in a conflict, try to guide them to consider the other person’s point of view. Remind them, we can’t always understand what another person is thinking or feeling or even agree with it, but we always want to have an open mind and open heart. We want to consider the thoughts and feelings of others, not just ourselves; when we are able to do this, we can create miracles!


  • This month you get the power to be extra brave. Think about something you’ve been wanting to do but are scared or nervous about it. Maybe it’s talking to a new person at school, trying out a new sport, or asking your parents a hard question. Whatever it is, trust that the Light is with you, giving you the strength you need. Trust that whatever it is that you do, even if it doesn’t work out exactly the way you want it to, you will be ok. It also may work out exactly how you want it to, and that will be amazing! Every time you are brave, you are reminded how powerful your soul is.
  • It’s very natural to think about yourself before you think about others. Sometimes, maybe even particularly this month, you may feel your thoughts and feelings are all you can connect to, especially during moments of conflict! Challenge yourself to connect to the thoughts and feelings of those around you. Ask people how they are feeling and truly listen to what they have to say. If you find yourself in conflict with someone, pause, and take a moment to step outside of your own feelings. Give the other person room to share how they feel, and again, truly listen. When we care about others just as much as we care about ourselves, life is so much more peaceful, joyful, and fun!
  • Do you ever feel a sudden urge to do something? Maybe it’s calling out an answer in class without raising your hand, blurting out an unkind word, or skipping a question on your homework because you want to start playing already. It’s ok, we all do this. Sometimes we get a jolt of energy and feel compelled to react! When we are impulsive, it feels good in the moment, but later on, we often find ourselves in some kind of trouble. Try to notice when this happens to you. When you feel that sudden urge to do something, pause and ask yourself: is what I’m about to do going to make me happy right now, later, or both? If the answer is just right now, you know you are about to be impulsive, so take more time to think through what you really want to do next.


The kabbalists teach that the 72 Names of God are powerful instruments we can use to align our soul with different expressions or spiritual frequencies of the Light of the Creator. Each 72 Name of God is associated with a specific set of days in the kabbalistic calendar. By connecting to the name associated with each set of days, we gain key insights into the opportunities available to us during these days.

· Nissan 1-5 (Vav Hei Vav -Time Travel): We have the power to go back into a magical time machine to places in our lives where we made mistakes and want to learn from them. We also get the strength to ask people we’ve hurt for forgiveness and to forgive people who’ve hurt us.

· Nissan 6-10 (Yud Lamed Yud -Recapturing the Sparks): We can go back to the times we were reactive and get back the Light lost in these moments.

· Nissan 11-15 (Samech Yud Tet - Miracle Making): Think of the miracle you want to create for yourself, your family, your friends, and or the world. and imagine this name telling you what you need to do to create the miracle. Ask your parents to help you take the next steps to create this miracle.

· Nissan 16-20 (Ayin Lamed Mem -Eliminating Negative Thoughts): Ask the Light to help you think like the Light, and if any negative thoughts are challenging you, ask for help in not listening to these thoughts.

· Nissan 21-25 (Mem Hei Shin - Healing): Think of anyone in your life you want to send healing energy to and focus on them using this name.

· Nissan 26-30 (Lamed Lamed Hei - Dream State): Use this name before you go to sleep each night, gaze at the letters and ask them to bring you powerful messages in your dreams.


· 72 Names of God Activities: We recommend parents download the 72 Names of God App and use the date converter to check your personal 72 Name as well as your child’s. You may also download the full 72 Names of God chart here and put it up somewhere in your house the whole family can connect to it. Anytime you want to ask for a message about a situation your family is going through that you need support with, close your eyes and then point your finger to a name (you can have your child do this as well), then open your eyes and see what divine guidance is revealed to you.



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