Astrology Forecast for the month of Pisces II 2022

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Astrology Forecast for the month of Pisces II 2022

Miriam Ashkenazi
Marzo 2, 2022
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Order and Intuition

This year, we are blessed with two months of Pisces on the kabbalistic calendar. The opportunity to connect to ultimate joy, certainty, and spiritual enlightenment is given to us twice. Therefore, we all get a chance to activate even more spiritual elements of the sign, in addition to overcoming the more challenging aspects of Pisces.

The month starts with a very potent energy. As the moon resides in the sign of Pisces, it goes conjunct with the sun, Jupiter, and Neptune. At the same time, Venus, Mars, and Pluto are holding hands in the sign of Capricorn. This represents a strong sense of harmony. We have an unbelievable opportunity to see beyond our normal perception, beyond the physical world’s limiting eye view.

These few days at the beginning of the second kabbalistic month of Pisces are like a cosmic portal that helps us connect between heaven and earth. This energy is here to help us see both realities as one (the spiritual and the material reality). You can call it clairvoyance or high intuition. Either way, it’s within our reach to access those powers.

As we enter the second week of the month, both Venus and Mars enter into the sign of Aquarius. With that movement, the cosmic balance is being interfered with, and we have six planets all in fixed signs. This is a warning sign for us to pay attention to areas in our life where we are holding on too tightly, and perhaps, struggling to release control. Beware of becoming too stubborn and rigid.

As the month progresses, Mercury moves into Pisces (March 10th), and now we have four celestial bodies strongly placed in the sign of Pisces (sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune). This creates a strong force right in front of the moon in Virgo, occurring in the middle of the month and throughout the entire holiday of Purim (March 16th - March 17th).

Every full moon provides us with the opportunity to unify two aspects of our lives. Why? Because the sun and the moon reside in completely opposite signs, presenting an opportunity to unite two opposing ideas. This is a time in our lives when we can find the balance between our need for order, structure, and clear rules with our spiritual openness, acceptance of the unknown, and the intuitive realm that doesn’t always make perfect sense in the 1% reality. This full moon also encourages us to find the balance between work and service, between practicality and impracticality, and between criticism and acceptance.

Moving forward, the sun will transit into the sign of Aries on March 20th, signifying the beginning of the month of Aries in traditional astrology. This coincides with another positive connection between Chiron in Aries and Mars in Aquarius—a powerful connection that should encourage us to take better care of our own wellbeing. Be brave and do something for the first time. Initiate an important change that involves self-care and the care of others.

As the second month of Pisces comes to an end and we get closer to the energy of Aries, we can also sense the potential for more aggression and intensity in the air with Uranus in Taurus squaring with Mars in Aquarius on March 22nd - March 25th. This can potentially lead to a more violent energy that we all want to avoid. In order to be in better control around this potential challenge, make sure not to raise your voice with others. Avoid being vulgar or extreme in your statements, and apply the kabbalistic tools of restriction and the proactive approach when it comes to handling conflicts.


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