Am I Listening to My Soul or My Ego? 6 Signs That You are In Touch with The Real You

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Am I Listening to My Soul or My Ego? 6 Signs That You are In Touch with The Real You

Adaptado del pódcast de Sed Espiritual de Monica y Michael Berg. Escúchalo y subscríbete aquí.
Septiembre 25, 2022
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No one is immune to ego. It controls us, misguides us, and steals from us more than any other trait we have. Sometimes, it’s obvious when we fall to the power of the ego. We might yell or react poorly to someone. The trickier times are when the ego influences in subtler ways without us even realizing. It can convince us that we know more than we really do or that we are on the right path when we aren’t.

Because the ego is so deceptive, it can be difficult to tell when we are listening to the voice of our souls or being misguided by the ego. Here are 6 signs that you are in touch with your true inner voice:

1. You aren’t afraid to pursue your dreams, no matter what others think about you.

Ego can push us to chase our dreams for the wrong reasons. Think of a painter, born with a clear talent for art. They can choose to share their gift with the world because they want everyone to marvel at them and to become famous or because their soul has a desire to share their Light with others. Wanting money and success are positive desires, but if your driving force is the ego, then you may fulfill your dreams, but they won’t bring you lasting fulfillment.

When you are feeling excited about something you want to manifest and pursue, ask yourself, “Am I doing this for other people or because my soul has something it needs to accomplish?” If you feel that internal drive that you just have to do something, regardless of how other people will see you, it’s an indication that you are connected to something deeper.

2. Your focus is on sharing with other people without judging them.

When our pursuits come from the soul, there is always some aspect of wanting good for other people. Fighting against ego requires us to switch our perspective from what we are getting to what we are giving.

We all give to other people some of the time, but often we tend to be selective about who we share with. We may think we know who deserves to be given to and who doesn’t, who is worthy and who isn’t. Any time you are in judgment of another, that is pure ego. Ego supports a sense of superiority which creates disconnection from other people.

Do one action of kindness every day to fight against ego. Shift your consciousness from, “What am I getting?” to “How can I give more?”

3. You understand that each person has a unique purpose in this world.

Often we look at other people and say, “I want what they have!” Whenever we feel that we are entitled to something that someone else has or that they are undeserving of their blessings, that’s a sign that ego has crept in. If you can look at them and appreciate what they have and instead feel inspired to find your own purpose and pursue your own goals, that’s a great indication you are connected to your soul.

We all have our own unique gifts and greatness. What your soul came into this world to do cannot be accomplished by anyone else. Avoid comparing your journey to that of others and focus instead on what you can share with the world.

4. You are open to new perspectives and willing to learn from your mistakes.

The ego convinces us that we know the truth, we are headed in the right direction, and don’t need anyone’s help. It makes us so certain of ourselves that we become unwilling to learn or to see things a different way. And when we do make a mistake, the ego tries to cover it up, deflects blame, and refuses to take ownership for it.

We can fight against ego by understanding there is so much we don’t understand about ourselves, other people, and the world around us. Even the areas we think we are experts in! It means being open to possibilities and new ways of thinking.

Check-in with yourself regularly. Ask yourself how you can become better in all areas of your life: work, relationships, family, spirituality. When you self-evaluate, that means you are devoting time, energy, and thought to becoming better.

5. You don’t shrink yourself to avoid embarrassment.

We are all familiar with people who have an enlarged ego. They want everyone to look up to them, to be the center of attention, and for everything to be their way all the time. The flip side to this is less obvious but just as detrimental: an overly diminished ego.

A diminished ego convinces us that pursuing the things we want or need will be painful or embarrassing. It tells us we aren’t good enough and that other people are better than us. It can lead us to give up on our dreams without even trying. It also tells us to play it safe and make ourselves small so that we never rock the boat and no one can say anything bad about us.

While it may seem like humility, this thinking is still rooted in ego because it is focused on how others view us and how we can avoid feeling uncomfortable. Any time we are putting ourselves in the corner out of fear or embarrassment, we are acting upon the ego. A spiritual path is never about diminishing what makes us special. It’s about pushing towards greater and greater manifestation of our potential.

6. You trust in life’s process and don’t try to control it.

Our egos desire to control everything that occurs in our lives, even things that are clearly beyond our influence. Our job is to trust the process of life. The Creator knows what our soul needs for us to grow and reach our potential, even if it seems upsetting, uncomfortable, or painful in the moment.

The ego gets upset when we don’t get our way because it thinks it knows how things should be better than the Creator does. The soul knows that whatever is happening is for our benefit. If it is beyond our control, it is the best thing for us, even if we can’t see it right now.

Embrace life’s challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. Trust that the Creator has a plan for you.

We are all blind to the power of the ego. The only way to win the battle against the ego is to be on the lookout for its influence. Realign your consciousness each week and ask, “Where is my ego coming in?” This is the road to joy and fulfilling our soul’s purpose.