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Prosperity & Success
Study Path

This study path contains six classes, as well as optional follow-up work for each class; reflection questions to help you internalize the wisdom, and 'thought into action' prompts to help you apply what you're learning to create real, meaningful change in your life.

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Your Journey:

Prosperity & Success

Weeks 1–2

The kabbalistic perspective on money is that it, like all things, has a spiritual energy, an energy that is meant to bring us joy and fulfillment. Listen as Monica and Michael Berg explain that when we have the right consciousness around money, in which we understand that it is never really ours, we can attract more of it – and more blessings and appreciation from it – into our lives.

Optional Lightwork  

Question: What meaning do you currently assign to money, and what emotions do you notice are attached to it?

Thought Into Action: For the next week or two, every time you are dealing with money, practice reminding yourself the source of your money – the Light and remind yourself – the Light wants to give to me endlessly. Practice shifting from the mindset of money owner to money manager working on behalf of the Light. This can happen in everyday moments – when you look at your bank statement, receive your paycheck, buy your groceries, etc. Constantly connect your mind to the source. Notice how this consciousness exercise shifts your relationship to money.

Weeks 3–4

Kabbalah teaches that money is an energy tool to manifest our potential into the physical world, to grow, and to take the responsibility to transform it into prosperity for the benefit of the entire world. In this class, you will learn how to redefine prosperity as fulfillment in all areas of life and as the outcome of inner transformation.

Optional Lightwork  

Question: Review the class handout. How does the Opponent trick you into believing lack exists? Of all the tricks you identify with, can you pinpoint the main one?

Thought Into Action: For the next week or two, every time the Opponent tries to trick you into believing in the illusion of lack, shaking your certainty, practice pausing. Remind yourself the Light is abundant, and the Light wants to bestow endless goodness upon you at all times. Catch yourself before you fall into worrying, complaining, judging, or envying, and remind yourself operating from this lower-level consciousness disconnects you from the ability to draw sustenance. Observe where your trust in the Light is conditional and commit to being more mindful of trusting even when it feels illogical.

Weeks 5–6

In this lesson, you will learn how and why chaos manifests around prosperity, specifically what you can transform in your consciousness to remove the space for chaos.

Optional Lightwork  

Question: Where in your life right now are you trying to “steal the fruit” without any consideration of what really comes with that fruit?

Thought Into Action: For the next week or two, pay attention to your desire for recognition, approval, honor, etc. Notice how this desire manifests in subtle and big ways. Each time this desire manifests, pause and ask yourself: what are the blessings in my life I am grateful for in this moment? The more you consciously take responsibility for creating internal recognition, the more your desire for external recognition transforms.

Weeks 7–8

In this lesson, you will learn how your desire to receive drives your motivation, energy levels, and consciousness. True desire to receive is more than just saying what you want; it’s something that needs to be developed with real commitment and constant actions of self-transformation. Time to get honest with yourself in order to work towards the manifestation of your Soul's purpose.

Optional Lightwork  

Question: Download the class handout and fill out the different areas of responses related to the question: what do you want to eliminate from your life to expand your vessel to receive?

Thought Into Action: For the next week or two, commit to refining your vessel in order to manifest the abundance you seek. When you notice a desire arise in you, practice checking in with yourself and asking: is this the desire of my ego or the desire of my soul? Every time you notice a desire from the ego forming, challenge yourself to transform your desire to receive for the self alone into a desire to receive for the sake of sharing. Doing this even in the seemingly insignificant moments will reshape and expand your vessel. For instance, you’re on your morning walk and desire to buy coffee at your favorite coffee shop. Pause, recognize your initial desire for coffee is simply for the self alone – to enjoy the taste, to get a boost of energy, to feel better, etc. Take a moment to think about how you enjoying your morning cup of coffee will allow you to share as well. Maybe that cup of coffee will allow you to be more focused in your meetings throughout the day, truly being present and listening to others. Maybe that cup of coffee will give you the energy to do something nice for your spouse that you otherwise wouldn’t have the energy to do. As you go to buy your coffee, connect to that desire to receive for the sake of sharing.

Weeks 9–10

Job stress and global staff turnover are estimated to cost companies over $1.6 trillion a year. In this conversation, with guest speaker Elvira Grau, find out how misunderstood stress and pressure are, and discover the tools to transform these feelings into success and productivity.

Optional Lightwork  

Question: When was the last time you experienced major stress? When the triggering situation or event took place, what was your panicked response? What were the thoughts, beliefs, and feelings going on inside of you?

Thought Into Action: For the next week or two, practice saying yes as often as possible, especially in the moments you don’t feel capable (of course, within reason). Practice taking on more than what you believe you can handle and notice what happens when you take the plunge. Notice how you surprise yourself. Notice the ways in which you doubt, underestimate, and or devalue yourself but are later proven wrong.

Weeks 11–12

In this lesson, learn the technology for developing your consciousness to align with true prosperity, which Kabbalists define as lasting success in every area of your life.

Optional Lightwork  

Question: What are you afraid to let go of right now in your life (can be a desire, belief, story, dream, a physical thing, anything really)? What is it costing you to hold on so tightly to this thing?

Thought Into Action: For the next week or two, focus on prioritizing your relationship with the Light. This looks different for every person. For one person, this may mean making it a point to start every day with intentions, affirmations, and or a meditation to connect with the Light and your own soul. For another person, this may mean making a commitment to pause, and in your mind, ask the Light for help before you take on any endeavor. Whatever it looks like for you, prioritize this relationship more than you normally do and see what changes occur as a result.

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